Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’89

The beginning of the end for 80’s hair bands!  So sad since it probably only has about three good years left before grunge and fashion bands take over and the power soft core metal will fade.  I’m reminded of the late 70’s and Disco…sadness.  As a matter of fact only one band makes it into the 90’s alive.  But for now, just enjoy the frosty hairsprayed, highlighted, ripped jean, bandana wearing fun that is the late 80’s!

Cryin’ – Vixen

I feel bad for Vixen.  They had finally made it to the top and they had this great hit.  Know where I found this great hit?  On a compilation CD from the mid 90’s!  I didn’t even know about this song until then!  That is what happened to most bands around this time.  Vixen tried to fight the towel was tossed in somewhere in the next year or so.

Listen To Your Heart – Roxette

I absolutely love Roxette!  I hate the fact that there are a lot of covers of their hits being released again but the originals are classic!  I wanted to look like Miranda when I was younger, yet I hope I age better!  Their strong points were in the power ballad and they new how to write those love songs.  Sadly, they lost steam with fans in the mid 90’s but they still have a loyal following!

18 and Life – Skid Row

Imagine that!  A metal song with a storyline!  I know, I can’t believe it either!  Sebastian Bach is one of those rare metal singers who was both easy on the eyes and insanely talented!  This song is about Ricky, a young boy, who liked the demon (snicker) alcohol whilst playing with guns.  He then shot another kid and thus literally and philosophically ending his life as he is now in jail.  Cheery!

Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

Our first view of G&R and…::gasp:: is that makeup I see?!  Well, the band was trying to make it big and in order to do that you had to cater to what your audience wanted…namely men with makeup.  I would like to point out that that tactic still works very effectively in Japan!  Learn Axel!  Learn!

Close My Eyes Forever – Lita Ford

This flashy metal goddess got her start alongside Joan Jett in The Runaways.  Though some say she never did as well as her contemporary, I say she kicks ass even to this day!  Sure Joan was the dark bad ass with a studded jacket, but Lita was the lady with the brass to stand tall in a male dominated industry!  I mean, Ozzy!  Ozzy!  Hell, she was better than most male guitarists!  So Lita…ROCK ON!!


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