Music Nostaligia – 6 Great Songs of ’86

For me, next to 1984 obviously, 1986 was a very good year for music!  This was when all those early bands finally started to screw around the right way!  Synthesizers were perfected, metal had gone soft core to enter into the mainstream radio, we had New Coke (gag!) and we were given Flight of the Navigator!  Who couldn’t love it?!  We stared touching on bizarre subjects which became the fad and the future was idealized with CG and 80’s futuristic fashion (AWESOME!).

Walk Like An Egyptian – Bangles

Yeah, I know.  One of those things the 80’s did was give us all these memorable dance crazes…not really, but that Barbi dance thing was terrible!  This catchy ode to “Egyptians” took the nation by storm and to this day you will find every leg warmer wearing day glow freak jazzercizing out to this!

Jeanny – Falco

Oh creepy heblie jiblies!  This song is so awesome even when you find out that the whole thing is about kidnapping and murdering of a 19 year old girl!  German radio even banned this epic song from Rock me Amadeus himself but it couldn’t stop the warm fuzzy feelings that Germans shared for this rather disturbing song.  Still a great song though.

These Dreams – Heart

The one Heart hit not song by rock siren Ann Wilson!  I don’t know if Heart will appear anymore on the list but let it be known I am a huge Heart fan!  This just happened to be their biggest hit in the 80’s.

Walk This Way – Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith

In a word…iconic!  This was the crossover song which gave rap it’s big break into mainstream USA!  Even though this has been around for years, it took the respect of a world famous rock band to give the genre a nudge in the right direction and then they did the rest!

Push It – Salt N’ Pepa

And here is a big example of that nudge!  This happens to be the first rap song I ever listened to because it was on some greatest hits compilation in the late 80’s.  I loved how they got away with so much and allowed little girls (such as myself) to sing push it down the aisle of a supermarket with shocked and judgmental faces streaking my way!

In Your Eyes – Peter Gabriel

Admit it!  Who likes to hold up a boom box (if you can find one!  Who has one?  I want it!) in the rain and blast this song on cassette (again…I want it!)?  Peter Gabriel was the wild front man for Genesis until being forced to go solo.  This became a love ballad for the lonely…and the movie a reason to swallow shards of broken glass!


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