BUCK-TICK – MISS TAKE ~Boku wa Mistake~

Kurayami Monogatari

Track Listing

  1. MISS TAKE ~Boku wa Mistake~
  3. My baby Japanese -type II-

1. MISS TAKE ~Boku wa Mistake~

Going into MISS TAKE, I was curious to what sound they’ll take to and it seems they’re continuing they mix of their band and synthetic elements but more focus on the band.  I do like Atsushi’s deep vocals in the song for some reason…kind of reminds me of GACKT’s vocals.  I will say they did keep it easy and simple since it doesn’t seem like a challenging song for them but it’s good song…but I do like “Elise no Tame ni” a lot more.


Why is everyone all of a sudden using this title?!?  ONLY YOU is quite different from songs so far released in 2012.  First off, it’s a lot more birghter and upbeat for them and kind of has this summer vibe from them but…

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