Music Nostalgia : The Ones Left Out…of the 80’s

After having done the Music Nostalgia 1980-1989 I realized that I had left a few out.  The reason was I wanted to add a few here and there and 1984 was just one hot fucking mess so I have decided to help myself out a bit and give a few more with no explanation, no dates, no rhyme or reason…just some really good songs that I love that didn’t make it into the original lists because I didn’t want to be beaten with strips of barbed wire while someone in the dark bleakness, which is the side street I was violently dragged to after being bound with rope dipped in itching powder, whistles their favorite song which I neglected for the painfully obvious reason… the song sucked!  So to avoid this horrible fate, I just sucked it up and added the song.  Now…it’s my turn! (You may also notice that I love the beauty of the run-on sentence.  This is just my little vengeance for all those painful years in school that amount to nothing but anguish and humility…nyah nyah…I’ll do what I want!)

Who Wants To Live Forever – Queen

Take My Breath Away/Heartstrings – Berlin

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – R.E.M.

Africa – Toto

Like a Prayer – Madonna

Cherry Pie – Warrant

Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions

Pure Energy – Information Society

All We Are – Warlock

There are plenty…plenty of others, but this just seems like a good stopping point.  Now it’s on to my most dreaded of decades…the 90’s!  ::sigh:: if no one hears from me, I offed myself with Pop Rocks and Coke…::like even that will work:: cries in corner.


Esprit D’Air: First Japanese Language Track to Feature in Rock Band 3

Yay! Recognition! It’s important to support all the music around the world. Even though American music is by far one of the most popular, it is important to give credit where credit is due. Music has no language barrier!

Japan Underground | JPU Records Ltd.

Exciting news was broke on Esprit D’Air‘s Facebook page today; the band has signed a licensing deal with the bods behind Rock Band 3 for their latest single “Shizuku“. The song will feature as a downloadable track for the Xbox 360 version of the game, and will become the first Japanese language track to be included in the game. Fantastic and exciting news for this UK based act!

Shizuku is Esprit D’Air‘s latest single, and is available now from all good digital stores, as well as from their homepage.

Here’s a preview of the track in action:

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Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’89

The beginning of the end for 80’s hair bands!  So sad since it probably only has about three good years left before grunge and fashion bands take over and the power soft core metal will fade.  I’m reminded of the late 70’s and Disco…sadness.  As a matter of fact only one band makes it into the 90’s alive.  But for now, just enjoy the frosty hairsprayed, highlighted, ripped jean, bandana wearing fun that is the late 80’s!

Cryin’ – Vixen

I feel bad for Vixen.  They had finally made it to the top and they had this great hit.  Know where I found this great hit?  On a compilation CD from the mid 90’s!  I didn’t even know about this song until then!  That is what happened to most bands around this time.  Vixen tried to fight the towel was tossed in somewhere in the next year or so.

Listen To Your Heart – Roxette

I absolutely love Roxette!  I hate the fact that there are a lot of covers of their hits being released again but the originals are classic!  I wanted to look like Miranda when I was younger, yet I hope I age better!  Their strong points were in the power ballad and they new how to write those love songs.  Sadly, they lost steam with fans in the mid 90’s but they still have a loyal following!

18 and Life – Skid Row

Imagine that!  A metal song with a storyline!  I know, I can’t believe it either!  Sebastian Bach is one of those rare metal singers who was both easy on the eyes and insanely talented!  This song is about Ricky, a young boy, who liked the demon (snicker) alcohol whilst playing with guns.  He then shot another kid and thus literally and philosophically ending his life as he is now in jail.  Cheery!

Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

Our first view of G&R and…::gasp:: is that makeup I see?!  Well, the band was trying to make it big and in order to do that you had to cater to what your audience wanted…namely men with makeup.  I would like to point out that that tactic still works very effectively in Japan!  Learn Axel!  Learn!

Close My Eyes Forever – Lita Ford

This flashy metal goddess got her start alongside Joan Jett in The Runaways.  Though some say she never did as well as her contemporary, I say she kicks ass even to this day!  Sure Joan was the dark bad ass with a studded jacket, but Lita was the lady with the brass to stand tall in a male dominated industry!  I mean, Ozzy!  Ozzy!  Hell, she was better than most male guitarists!  So Lita…ROCK ON!!

Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’88

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Rick Rolled!!!  Even though this song may be considered a viral comedic phenomenon it confused a lot of people.  How you may ask?  The guy is white!  I’m trying not to be stereotypical but not only is this dude white, but he’s British which makes identifying the face beyond the voice that much more interesting!

Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard

When I was in high school in the late 90’s I didn’t really have a musical genre besides one that didn’t even belong to America (j-rock is still the shit!) but when I love the 80’s came out on VH1 it churned up all those forgotten memories of childhood…including the devil horns baby! (Thanks Rainbow) And this song was the one who reopened my eyes to 80’s rock!  Oh!  They also had a one armed drummer…this trumps all kick-ass arguments which no one will ever win!

Simply Irresistible – Robert Palmer

A very memorable artist since you knew a Robert Palmer video from those lovely stoic mannequins with that awesome shellac look and red lip stick.  This song was also a lesson in vocabulary.  How many words did you learn that ended in ible or able?

Father Figure – George Michael

There’s George again with his song that is my all time favorite!  I mean, who couldn’t love a song about stalking?  I know I sure did!  And since no one in the 80’s gave a shit about lyrics, no one really guessed until later when they paused and thought,”Oh! I get it!”  Such is the power of George!

I Get Weak – Belinda Carlise

Go-Go’s lead singer Belinda!  You know, I’m not a huge fan of her voice but it is unique in a world of shoulder pads and vinyl so I guess it’s pointless to complain!  Some of her more familiar work is a home movie about her complaint about how women can’t jack off like men (a interesting point under the influence of crack by the by) and Heaven Is A Place On Earth…it’s not now, but in the busting 80’s economy it was!

Underground’s Artists : BREAKERZ

This a new band for me so please bare with me.  Japanese musicians are, sad to say, a dime a dozen.  Sure every now and then a band will slither out of the primordial trenches which are the stepping stones for most bands around the world.  But there has to be that spark in a j-rocker’s eyes that seals the deal and passes them into infamy!  We’ve seen it over the last decade with bands such as The GazettE and Dir En Grey yet these are rare diamonds among the many.  Don’t get me wrong!  There are tons of others who stand out in the mass conglomeration that is “j-rock” (I’m using this term loosely since this can get me into horrible trouble as I have already been referred to as racist once already!  I know right!  Ridiculous!  I’ll dive into this subject later!) such as Alice  Nine and SCREW but today I shall talk about my new happy find:  Breakerz!

A brief background…this is a three member band with remarkably no drummer.  That must mean they are so awesome that the beat of the drum comes naturally to the sound of the plucking guitars!  I felt I should mention this since it does seem rather odd that they not have one.  Not to mention they don’t even have a bassist which has lead me to believe this band was formed mainly on the concept of eye candy…or they just couldn’t find other members to work with.  I’m going for eye candy!

It is also important to note that the members of this band are not “young” so to speak.  Due to the genetic stigma which is Japanese youthful appearances making age and gender a rather hard thing to identify without a well trained eye, this band are all in their 30’s!  Amazing?  It is if you consider that most band members, such as Toshiya from Dir En Grey and Miyavi formerly of Due Le Quartz, were 17 when they started…yeah this is definitely worth noting.  Most j-rockers careers end by the time they’re 25!  Don’t believe me?  Ayumi Hamasaki retired when she was 24…then she had a comeback thing but still!

So onward!  Now to the cast members!


Daigo – The lead vocals and songwriter.  This is the one who is supposed to get your attention…or at least female attention.  His favorite way to do so is by licking his lips which most females wouldn’t find to erotic except if done by an really good looking Asian.  Sorry fellas that’s just the way it works!

Shinpai – he rocks the guitar (well, one of them) and synthesizers.  Ah, a New Wave crazy in the heart of Tokyo…I fucking love that!

Akihide – The other guitar and the other synthesizer.  Without two how can awesome be achieved I ask?


[2007] BREAKERZ[2007] CRASH & BUILD[2008] BIG BANG![2009] FIGHTERZ[2011] GO

And Since They Just Can’t Have Albums…Mini Albums

[2008] Ao no Mirai (アオノミライ; Pale Future)
[2010] B.R.Z ACOUSTIC (Acoustic Mini Album)

And Since It Wasn’t Detailed Enough In The Albums…Singles

[2008] SUMMER PARTY / LAST EMOTION[2008] Sekai wa Odoru / Shakunetsu (世界は踊る / 灼熱; The Dancing World / Scorching)
[2008] Angelic Smile / WINTER PARTY[2009] GRAND FINALE[2009] Everlasting Luv / BAMBINO (バンビーノ)
[2009] Hikari (光; Light)
[2009] LOVE FIGHTER ~Koi no Battle~ (LOVE FIGHTER ~恋のバトル~; Battle of Love)
[2010] Gekijou / hEaVeN (激情; Passion)
[2010] BUNNY LOVE / REAL LOVE 2010[2011] Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou / CLIMBER×CLIMBER (月夜の悪戯の魔法; Moonlight Magic Trick)
[2011] LAST†PRAY / Zettai! I LOVE YOU (絶対! I LOVE YOU)
[2012] Miss Mystery[2012] Overwrite / Nounai Survivor (オーバーライト / 脳内Survivor)

And Since We Just Can’t Have Hard Copy Singles…Digital Singles

[2007] THE TRAIN’S GONE… / JOKER[2007] WAKE UP MY SOUL / Re:born

Now after going through some of these, I feel this band should totally do a remake of WHAM!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”!  It would be awesome!

Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’87

Spandex!  It’s here!  I knew we’d unearth that evetually.  Admit it…you rocked that spandex body suit at least once in your life!  And people think it’s a new fad.  Ha!  Choreography was a big deal by this time even if it was just swaying your hips or jumping about like some rabid hairless canine who just ate your chocolate stash you were saving for your “special” night.  And believe me, I know that is a memory you wish you could forget!

La Isla Bonita – Madonna

This song made me love Madonna!  Nothing said cool in the 80’s like her!  This was also the years of her greatest style in my opinion, the bleached pixie! The True Blue album was a follow up to her movie Who’s That Girl and the soundtrack that it produced.  Now who wants to go to San Pedro?  I’m feeling like a somba!

Faith – George Michael

Ah beautiful George!  This was the top of the top for you!  Everyone loved you before but this album jumped you into the stratosphere!  Still, no one really knew…did theyGeorge?  No, I didn’t think so.  But who cared back then?  It was a great album and we haven’t seen the last of you on the lists!

With or Without You, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Where The Streets Have No Name – U2

Why so many U2 songs?  Because their fucking amazing that’s why!  They are a sensational 80’s band I don’t care what religious wormhole they traveled down I still adore them!  The Joshua Tree was their best album in my opinion and remains to this day one of those albums that I would save from a flaming inferno started by a bunch of tweaked out schoolboys on a anger binge!  The only thing I ask is put aside your stereotypical religious viewpoint and enjoy some great rock music!

Touch Me (I Want Your Body) – Samantha Fox

Realizing that a lot of women played on their sexuality (not as much as now, but still enough) that by this time shoulder pads were for the working girl and spandex and tutus were for the bright young things!  And something about acid wash and ripped jeans.

I Need You Tonight – INXS

I MISS YOU INXS!  I loved you so!  This song was so revolutionary even for the 80’s!  I chaulk up the loss of Michael Hutchence in 1997 (yet another thing I can blame the 90’s with…you’ll understand once we get there!) around the same pain as loosing Hide from X-Japan who died in a relitively similar manner…