Music Nostaligia – Great Songs of ’84 Special Edition

Oh!  I thought it was hard to find songs that I liked…now I have to mesh through the ones I do!  And 1984 is a very hard year for me!  What a great year for music!  It was so awesome that Van Halen actually named an album after it!  So, since I can’t really narrow any of these down, this shall be (probably) the only blog in which I have to have more than five.  I’m something of a mystery when it comes to 80’s music.  I just couldn’t make up my mind which genre I really fit into since I loved so much!

Fire Inc. – Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young

Not many people will recognize this song but that’s quite all right!  The soundtrack for The Reign of Fire was a testiment of 1980’s music and the movie demonstrated the power of music.  The title of the song says it all.

Madonna – Like A Virgin

Ah Madonna.  What happened?  You were the voice of a generation.  You were the 80’s icon.  And this was your opus!

WHAM! – Careless Whisper

To be perfectly honest, I prefer Seether’s version more.  However, this was George Michael!  This is the man who every woman loved but never caught on that he was gay!  When you look back…how could we have missed that?  it doesn’t matter though.  this is not the last time George is going to be on this list and he still is so very very fabulous!

U2 – Pride

I know a lot of people don’t like U2 because of their mixing of politics, religion, and rock but that is what’s makes them wholely unique!  I love U2!  this is a great hit by U2 since it’s sound is timeless.  It’s not New Wave, it’s not metal…some debate if it’s even rock.  I say rock!

Tears For Fears – Shout

This is defintely a New Wave song!  I miss Tears For Fears.  The video for this song was sort of 80’s classic.  It’s hard to do a video nowadays (Ha!  I laugh at myself!  Videos.  They don’t make those anymore!) that has panaoramic scenes of the UK.

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

I enjoy this fun “metal” song especially when it’s used for soundtracks, such as Iron Eagle, and current soundtracks, such as Rock of Ages!  I also respect Dee  Snyder who stood up for the Explicit Content discrimination they placed on music.  You know, that really crazy time when parents blamed their kids crazy ass behavior on music…that still happens today regardless of that damn sticker!

Depeche Mode – People Are People

What DM fan would I be I say if I didn’t put them on this list of awesome?!  A lot of people associate this song with DM even though this is by far not their best song.  This great hit has had more radio play than any other song even though their best album was Violator.

Queen – I Want To Break Free

Yes!  Freddie is still here bitches!  This is a great Queen hit and the video was an even greater laugh!  Rock idols in drag and they loved it!

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok

A song that got it’s singer banned from Bangkok…for life!  This song appeared on the Chess soundtrack which explains it’s clever “queen” jab.

Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What does it have to do with what?  What is it?  Even though Tina hated this song, it brought her back to the top and those legs…oh! those legs!

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

I like that fact that Reagan used this for his election song when the song wasn’t really about patriotism.  But it was so upbeat and wholely American, more so than any other song in the 80’s.

Depeche Mode – Somebody

I had to put another DM song on here!  My favorite version of this song was 101 live in Pasadena.  What a lovely 80’s song!

Okay, okay!  I think I have to stop now!  I can’t…I just can’t keep going because this blog would be filled for pages and pages of awesomeness!  So much awesomeness that has never been seen since that elephant ride everyone took it their childhood years when your parents dragged your petrified ass to the horrid clown infested circus and you thought “Oh! This could totally get me away from those man eating clowns!” when it was just a cheap trick your parents had for getting a picture to blackmail you with later on your graduation day but you loved that elephant!  Yeah!  That awesome!  I wish I could give everyone the nostalgic kickass feeling from 1984 but I can only give you the small sliver.  Happily, there is a wide world of youtube out there so have at it!


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