Underground’s Artists : 4Minute

The life of many Asian musical artists is not only random but fleeting.  Korea has a “Rookie of the Month” award if that says anything.  There are many groups, super groups, boy/girl bands, and solo artists (most who come from said groups) in constant rotation and even more of them who are catorgorized as R&B than you can swing a dead cat at!  In Korea, they love the super groups and girl groups…cute girl groups.  Girl groups that make TLC look timid.  They love color, they love rap, love love to dance, and they love fashion to the extreme!  A great example of this is the 4Minute Girls!

This 5 member band keeps knocking out some great dance hits that are catchy and contagious! In a country where the cuter the better, this band pulled out the stops and added super sexy and risque to the track list.  Announced in 2009, producers decided to keep three of the member s a secret until the release of their first hit song “Hot Issue”, an upbeat dance track in the middle of the Korean girl group boom.  Their style was classified as “Candy Funky” which was demonstrated by 2NE1 and was popular with other girl groups.  The band, of course, denied this.

Their next hit “MUSIK”  whose “B” track (if they even have such things anymore) was deemed too risque for mainstream radio but it is that very fact that made the song so awesome!  Another little fact that most people don’t know is that most Korean artists are bilingual in Japanese, they have to act, dance, and sing.  If they could learn how to cook that would also be of some value to a record exec.  Their Japanese version of MUSIK was released last year.

Their new mini album was just released with their new single “Volume Up”.


Ji Hyun

Leader/ Vocalist

Ga Yoon

Main Vocals

Ji Yoon

Rapper/Lead Vocals

Hyun A

Lead Rapper/Main Dancer/Vocals

So Hyun

Rapper Vocals


  • [2011.04.05] 4Minutes Left


  • [2009.08.31] For Muzik
  • [2010.05.27] Hit Your Heart
  • [2012.04.09] Volume Up

Digital Mini-Albums

  • [2011.03.29] Heart to Heart

Digital Singles

  • [2009.06.15] Hot Issue
  • [2009.12.02] Jingle Jingle
  • [2010.04.13] Personal Taste OST Part.3 (개인의 취향)
  • [2010.07.19] Superstar
  • [2010.11.11] Jigudaepyo Rolling Stars OST (지구대표 롤링스타즈)
  • [2011.07.20] Fly So High (U-CUBE (BEAST, 4minute, G.NA))
  • [2011.08.03] Freestyle

Collaborations / Other

  • [2010.01.05] God of Study OST (#2 Dreams Come True)
  • [2010.02.18] Amerie – Heard ‘Em All (#1 Heard ‘Em All (feat. 4minute & BEAST))
  • [2010.05.14] Dasi Han Beon Daehanminguk (#2 Dasi Han Beon Daehanminguk (Brown Eyed Girls & 4Minute))
  • [2010.10.13] Fugitive: Plan B OST (#3 Chaos A.D)
  • [2010.12.23] It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl OST Part.3 (#2 One Thing)

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