Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’82

Now we come to my year!  The year I was born, the year that gave me reason, the year of Adam!  By this time video really had killed the radio star since MTV had been in production and forever in popular culture for a year.  The world was changing faster than ever and the musician started taking on rolls of spokesperson, model, entrepenuer, and became the face of many causes.  I think that was because little Mikey banging out to Billy Idol would have listened to Mick Jagger over his own mother!  For whatever reason rock is made…it’s still rock!

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

The start of making awesome songs about creepy subject matter!  However, this was the introduction of Annie Lennox, one of the great soulful singers around today.  Not only does this song earn merit in the 80’s but it later saw a resurgence in the 90’s with Marilyn Manson’s much, much creepier version.

Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf

Yes!  We finally got to Duran Duran!  Trust me when I say this will not be their only showing on this list.  This was what some consider the first “pretty band” but their New Wave style and SynthPop sound was a breath of fresh air for the image confused Brits.

Billy Idol – White Wedding

Hard core 80’s style!  Whenever you want to know what the definition of cool was back in the 80’s…check out Billy!  His style was so important to his music that he kept the same look all the way up through “Cradle of Love”.  And who in the hell could do a better job of making even marriage look bad ass…that would be Billy.

Scorpions – No One Like You

I loves the Scorpions!  They were metal but had the advantage of having one of the greatest singers front the band.  They were able to knock out hit after hit since they mixed up those hits with soft metal and ballads.  This one could have been played at every strip club on the strip!

Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver

Yes!  Quintessential New Wave if ever I heard it and I love Adam!  What a damn foxy looking man!  This is what the early 80’s was all about: nothing but everything at the same time.  You could be anything including a highwayman and it was cool!  Not only cool but this gig put Adam and the Ants in the stratosphere of SynthPop!

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