Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’81

This was the year my older sister was born, the year Reagan got shot, and the first official year for 80’s music!  There was a new air about music with the beginning of the decade.  For starters, funk and disco were dead and the masses craved guyliner and hairspray.  There were many who fit into that mold but others who set their own style and standards with which the music scene both acknowledges and respects them.  We’ll see many like that: U2, The Police to name a few.  At the start, anything went!  Actors even started getting in of the action…so to speak.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – I Love Rock & Roll

Ah Joan.  The surviving guitarist of The Runaways hit it big with a small string of catchy rock ballads that people still rock out to today!  I always found the lyrics to this one interesting since not only does it reference “record machine” but it also encourages rock to do her (that’s right!  Rock & Roll is a her!  Only bitches could make music this awesome!) greatest feats!

Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl

And I wish I had you Rick Springfield!  What an astonishing surprise Rick was when he (a General Hospital, the only show on worth watching, actor) came out with this hit song about lusting after your best friends girl and desiring to steal her away.  At least he didn’t talk about trying to kill the poor bastard!

The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me

I think the Police have a splendid way of singing about disturbing behavior with a poppy back beat.  Their classic “I’ll Be Watching You”, once considered a great love song, was actually about a stalker.  This one is far more awesome since it’s about young lust for a young teacher, namely Sting.  Freakin’ awesome!

Queen and David Bowie – Under Pressure

Hahahaha!  I’m sorry but every time I hear the opening I hear a distressed Vanilla Ice trying some bullshit excuse why his hit song was not really a copy of this excellent Queen song.  As you all must know I love Queen…they can do no wrong.  When I start feeling bad at work I start singing this one…not Ice Ice Baby!

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

When will we ever know I what exactly Phil was feeling that night but I do love it myself.  Were you feeling sad, sensing a storm a brewin’, monkeys flying out of the elevator?  What?  The question is like a Tootsie Pop: until science intervenes…the world may never know.  Still a great song though so I guess it doesn’t matter which is a great mentality of the 80’s!


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