Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’80

AND finally…we’ve hit the 80’s!  Break out the day glow socks, reclaim vintage fashion, and salute the birth of New Wave because it’s time to get it on!  The 80’s has always been a great time period for me though i only remember half of it due to the fact that I was born in ’82.  But that is besides the point!  I can remember Jem, I can remember He-Man, I can remember the horror that was high school themed movies.  Mostly, I remember the music!  My favorite time is the mid and late 80’s but it’s important to mention the early part of the decade since that was when everything went.  Adam Ant became an 80’s David Bowie and Molly Ringwald was our awkward Sandra Dee!

Pat Benatar – Heartbreaker

I actually love the fact the Pat was a trained opera singer and decided to do rock instead!  How awesomely rock and roll!  This was a badass song to tell the ladies to stop going after the hot guys…unless you’re planning on a one night stand then they only might be useful for a night or so anyways!

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust

Haha!  Of course Queen is still on the list!  They were masters at inventing songs that were catchy enough to still be used in sport arenas around the world.

Vapors – Turning Japanese

Do you really think so?  Do you?  That’s cool!  Show me how you do it!  I have to loose about 60 pounds and shrink about a foot and a half!  It might prove to be a challenge.

Blondie – Call Me

The punk band with a good time.  Debbie was a bleach blonde beach girl who loved the feel good scene of the California coast…or at least i read that in an interview.  I still think she can put a cigarette out in my eye though!

AC/DC – Back in Black

A song that so many hardass (and not so hardass) men have as their theme song when either sliding off a motocycle or creeping out of the gym door before curling into the fetal position from the pain caused by a bit too many crutches.

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