Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’79

Well, here we are!  The end of the decade that gave us funk, disco, and a higher respect for platform shoes.  This is the last year o the first years of my decade – the 80’s!  That’s it!  New Wave, pop-metal, and all the shoulder pads you can stomach!  But before we leave the 70’s let’s remember the good times.  Let’s remember all those moments when you thought about muttonchops and how they really could have been the fall of western civilization.  Of the disco ball and all those fancy colors they produced.  Of disco itself and it’s small contribution to the musical drug-powered subculture that was Studio 54.  Now, after this year, we leave them all behind to find something new and exciting awaiting us in the next decade.

Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2

I always thought this song spoke to me!  I was convinced of it actually!  Even though this is still about three years until I’ll be born, it still resonates (look at all these big words I’ve learned how to use!  Beware reader!) through every generation.  Later when I saw the movie…I loved it even more!  A judge talking out of an anus!  Brilliant!

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Aren’t we all traveling down that road?  I enjoy how they add this sound clip in when movies are doing journey sequences like in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  I thought that made the movie classy to tell you honestly!

KISS – I Was Made For Loving You

Oh!  Ohhhh….KISS’s one disco song!  that’s right!  They sold out for just this instant in the 70’s to move with the times.  Oh man!  I am so sorry if the song is both an insult to metal…but still so damn catchy.  It is also one of their most recognizable songs and it didn’t really hurt record sales either.

Charlie Daniels Band – Devil Went Down To Georgia

I love this song!  Even before it was in Coyote Ugly!  My friend even makes up other lyrics with me in them when I attend my mother’s family reunion in Georgia (if only you all knew how far apart that world is from my own!).

Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone

It takes a lot of guts to name a metal band as well known as this one after one of the most unmanliest of things!  Why don’t we just call it Sparkle Unicorn or Fairy Metaland or something?!  But this band is accredited for having created the devil horn rock on sign so I think I can forgive them!  This song is a bit out of sync with me so you decide.


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