Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’78

Hot damn!  We hit the Village People!  And (surprise, surprise) Queen is still on the list!  The crazy disco years are about to be severely challenged as punk overthrows the music hierarchy and New Wave is about to slink in with its synthesizers and almost emo (I said almost!) personality.

The Ramones – I Want To Be Sedated

Repetition never sounded so delightful!  And what was the 24 hours to go?  Who cares!  He needed to get there fast like!

Village People – YMCA

Wow!  I have seen three years olds who know the dance for this song!  I love the double entandre associated with it…you know, that homosexual meaning behind the song that everyone knows but mainstream radio almost denies!

Van Halen – Runnin’ With The Devil

To me, David Lee Roth was kind of like Morrison for 80’s metal.  Only, without those great poetic lyrics Jim was famous for!  I just remember the opening to Little Nicky and ever since I hear that opening bass!

Cars – My Best Friends Girl

The caption under this video reads that they were ahead of their time!  I agree!  It was a topic later on in the early 80’s with songs about wanting a girl that either belonged to someone else or Jessie in particular!

Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls

This song goes out to my big sister!  I love Queen for bringing out a song that is dedicated to the plus sized ladies!  And dammit, it is an awesome song! Freddie…you are still so awesome!!


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