Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’77

Closer and closer we get!  Sadly, I know I have no disco on here and yes…I know it is a very popular genre to a lot of people.  Sure I can imagine a slick polyester wearing street walker jiving to the Bee Gees, I can see the mile high Afro in a Lycra body suit finger point (whatever it’s called) dancing in the middle of a multicolored disco ball lit discotheque..but I’m sad to say you can imagine them on the list!  See them with their roller skates and hot shorts rolling about winking at ol’ Skeevy Lips Muttonchops lurking in the corner at Studio 54 with his rolled up hundred dollar bill that he uses next to his mirror and razor placed conveniently next to Donna Summer!

Queen – We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions

If you don’t hear this in a stadium, basketball court, or any other kind of sporting event…it is because it was done for nearly 30 years since this song came out!  I’m pretty sure Freddie had a different interpretation for this song, but we’ll just live in the testosterone driven wonderland that was created in its wake!

Eric Clapton – Cocaine

By damn if this is not one of the longest song you could hear on the radio today.  Back then, songs were meant to last forever so that concerts could last forever.  You hardly get that now since most “hardcore” bands say that they are a business and not a band.  I say you can suck on cocaine!  That’s all that money goes to anyways!

The Clash – White Riot

Yet another sensational British punk band!  Right now, these guys are making 60’s protest hippies look like a bunch of flower sniffing chumps (I’m pretty sure there were, but for arguments sake I’ll say not all of them!)  Think of them as really badass hippies.  I mean, they probably did drugs and sang about current themes in their own countries…I heard hippies did that.

Eddie Money – Two Tickets To Paradise

A song that ended up (mysteriously) on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack!  Eddie would also have some notoriety in the 80’s, but this may be his only induction on this list!  Then I want someone to give me their interpretation of what “paradise” is!

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen

And yet another punk song.  My, my how do these keep getting on the list?  Because they’re awesome is why!  And if anyone asks…yes, this song is about them being assholes.  But at the time the song was written, it was needed for the pour masses in the UK.


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