Music Nostaligia – 5 Great Songs of ’74

So now we’re seeing the same thing only emerging into harder rock.  We are also seeing the emergence of the early stages of glam rock, reggae, and shock rock.  I’m a huge fan of Queen so you’ll probably be seeing more of them on my lists.  Rock started in the 50’s, took shape in the 60’s, and is now morphing into different areas creating different sounds for different tastes.  Soon, the most unique sound of music is coming soon!

Queen – Killer Queen

If I could travel back in time and see one band perform live I would definitely see Queen!  I mean, Freddie Mercury!  He was so fantastic!  Their music was melodic, it told a tale, and was intensely rock and roll!  Don’t be surprised if you get sick of seeing them on the lists!  I like this song since they describe the lady as a “baroness” and  “Marie Antoinette” !

Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock n’ Roll

And The Pieta is just a statue!  Lamborghini is just a car!  Big Ben is just a bell! I think you got it.

The Who – Long Live Rock

And long live you, Pete Townsend!  Rock on!

Eric Clapton – I Shot The Sheriff

I have heard so many versions of this song and alls I have to say is…you admitted to murder you dumb ass!  You admit you shot the sheriff…so who cares if you didn’t shoot the deputy?  You still killed the sheriff genius!

Slade – Far, Far Away

I can’t explain why I like Slade so much!  I think I like them because they use bagpipes a lot…yep, I think that’s it.  I’m Scotch-Irish so that’s cool as shit to me!  But that’ll be for laters!

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