Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’72

AND SO…psychedelic rock has seen it’s days!  No more naked paint splatter Twister…no more unbathed college drop-outs living in the shadow of the public library.  No, now we are in the age of the muscle car…and cocaine, but that’s besides the point!  This is, specifically, the year of the Dodge Charger!  Hells yeah!  But you’ll find a definate separation now in musical classes and an already thin line that stereotyped musical genres is about to get much thicker…like a moat filled with ravenous crocodiles and barracudas!

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

A song the exemplifies funky!  I love this song because just about everyone knows it.  If they don’t…their parents were evil and their friends cruel!

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

If you have ever attempted to play the guitar…the opening notes might have been your first chords!  I know it is awesome since Raymond Rabbids has it as one of their musical games!

Alice Cooper – School’s Out

He lies!  School is never over!  It’s never out!  I was deceived and now I’m pissed!

Jim Croce – Don’t Mess Around With Jim

You know…I think it’s a word to the wise that you shouldn’t mess with Jim…but is…?  Nevermind.  I listened tot he song like a million times and I still what to know why I, as a girl, can’t mess around with Jim.  Well, Jim…you are shit out of luck.  The song told me not to come near you!

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

One of the last Elvis songs on the lists!  After Elvis…well, let’s just say Elvis got rather plump in the last few years of his life he started slowly sliding off the charts.  However, the fact that he still has a chart topping song says a lot about him!


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