Instant Reaction- BigBang Style

So, as I was trolling my Facebook for something to entertain myself with, I saw that one of my collected Koreans had posted something.

Now, this particular Korean I was thinking about getting rid of…until I saw this shit!

I then realized why I keep this kid, even though he/she (I haven’t figured this one out yet) likes to over share videos and lyrics.

So, I will give you laymen out there a bit of connections for the immediate reactions we had

#1.  Oh, what’s all that stuff on the ground, ohs shit it’s attached to his head it’s alive!


#3. Miyavi!?

#4. I think you have enough tattoos….and not one of them makes you look hardcore. And that better not say FRIZBEE…But I think it does.

#5. Trying to be sexy isn’t working out for you. Take a lesson in subtlety from SCREW. (It’s infallible logic… because it rhymes)

#6. Liberace  wants all his stuff back, so does Napoleon.

#7. Oh….it’s BIGBANG….oh shit, Korea has discovered Visual Kei…

#8. Green eyebrows and blue hair, though on the same color spectrum it still doesn’t work. It makes you wonder though…is it ALL of his hair?

#9. Besides the no music thing, what exactly was the riot about?

#10. Dancing Chinese Dogs….What the fuck was that about? Actually, this video had a whole lot of What The Fuck Was That About moments. You may determine your own.

Also, there was maybe 5 seconds of choreographed dancing. Five! Two weeks ago this band looked like a sparkly version of an all male Zumba class! What the hell!? We are all done for, it’s over now.


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