Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’70

And so we have come to the start of yet another decade which forced us to re-evaluate all our musical parameters yet again and create yet another genre of music towards the end of the decade.  As a matter of fact, two genres and the genre which kick off my generation…but that’s to come later!  Now?  Vietnam is just a few years from closing…like a slap on the face of America…so the music reflects that a bit.  We have the start of metal and the hippie culture is mutating into fuzzy muttonchops and El Caminos!

Edwin Star – War

What is it good for?  Probably a lot more than Edwin knew about!  A little info about me…I’m a military brat.  It’s just hard for me to believe that one military conflict screwed America up so well that people still bitch about it today! My opinion on the song should be self explanatory, but it was the times it was written so I get it.

Santana – Evil Ways

This one goes out as a tribute to my dad who loves Santana…has since he was a teenager!  I know a lot of people nowadays sees Santana in his Supernatural album and says “Oh!  He’s so great…listen to Rob Thomas sing!” and then I take another shot of Jack!  Sure it was a great album…but Santana is…Santana!  Woodstock!  I mean…Woodstock, man!

Black Sabbath – Paraniod

I have to give my props to Ozzy!  Without him, mothers would feel it was okay for their kids to listen to the music they wanted.  Now, with him, we have parental censorship and very angry religious factions!  So thanks Ozzy!  Rock would never have been so awesome without you!

Elton John – Your Song

So let’s step away from rock and let’s meet Elton!  His stuff is so catchy that it speaks through time…and, wow, did that shit just creep up on your ass like an emo at an art gallery!  I do love Elton and wish to express that, like Liberace…no one knew!  Really?  With the glasses and the heels…no one?  Really?!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Who’ll Stop The Rain

When my sister, who is only 30, went to see CCR in our hometown a few years ago, she was shocked to learn that she knew all the songs!  And why?  Because our mother loved CCR so much she unconsciously hummed, sang, belted, and whistled CCR at home all the time and the songs just imprinted itself on our brains!


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