Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’69

The ultimate summer of love.  The year of Woodstock and free love.  This is also one of the last remaining decades with which Elvis shall reign supreme and classic rock is beginning to take shape…right now it looks like Idaho, but soon it will gain a more Alaska looking shape!  This is the peak of psychedelic rock and soon we will be moving more into the world of bad ass…hard rock and metal!  So if you thought funkadelic left you with some scars…wait until the future takes out the razors and lemons!

Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds

In my opinion, the best Elvis song!  I love driving around with this song cranked up!  It’s a very mood driven song!  You just can’t beat Elvis…heart failure will beat him but nothing else really!  (I miss Elvis)

Creedence Clearwater Rivival – Bad Moon Rising

Considered a Halloween song…(I can see it)…CCR is one of the few bands who changed very little from the start to the…later years.  And everyone knows at least one CCR song!

The Doors – Touch Me

Why yes…I’d love to! Has anyone else noticed how Jim is just begging for people to do stuff in his songs?  He is a very convincing man mind you!  I mean, he convinced Florida he was practically Satan! (awesome)

Janice Joplin – Piece Of My Heart

Wow…even though she was not all that attractive, she still got your attention! Then you opened your eyes and screamed a little…but then you had so much LSD in your system that you thought she was meant to look like that!

Led Zeppelin – You Shook Me

What would we do without Zeppelin?  Nothing!  Just nothing! Our lives would be almost meaningless!


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