Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’67

The year Brian Epstein dies of a drug overdose. You know Brian…the fifth Beatle?  Well, here it is everyone.  The year that changed rock music for both the better and the worse… psychedelic rock!  And the only way to create psychedelic rock?  Why, with large amounts of free love, long hair, organ pianos, bell-bottoms, Tye-dye, anti-disestablishment, and…oh yeah! a hell of a lot of brain trippin’ drugs that not only melted minds but made you see more flying unicorns than a mid 80’s cartoon series!

The Doors – Light My Fire

First up for the Doors!  Yeah!  This song got the band kicked off the Ed Sullivan Show with Jim’s racy lyrics that the band could have maintained a level of infamy for just that show.  But no, they are far too awesome to shock just once!  But we’re not there yet!

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints

When I think swingers, I think this song and no, it had nothing to do with the fact it was on the Austin Powers soundtrack and was set in a swingers club in 60’s London.  Damn, I have an imagination…but let’s just say that helped out a bit!

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit AND Don’t You Want Somebody To Love

This is such an awesomely trippy band that they are the first to have two songs on at once!  White Rabbit is about the first thing that defined the 60’s…drugs.  The second song was about the second most popular thing about the 60’s…love.  Can’t go wrong with this kind of subject matter during the 60’s! And to think theis is the band that turns into Jefferson Starship!

Jimmy Hendrix – Foxy Lady

Again, made known to my generation off of Wayne’s World!  I know, I know…but be happy that they at least used the original recording and not, say… a Slayer remake!

The Who – I Can See For Miles

Pete Townsend…what more can I f**king say?!  What a great performer!  I just loved their 60’s outfits and music videos!  This was when tripping out with The Who was more awesome than rocking out with them….then the 70’s came and the universe shifted back into correct alignment!

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