Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’66

Now we’re getting into what made the 60’s the 60’s!  In the next few years the little crawlies are coming out of the woodwork of mainstream music…and then sticking it to the man!  We are now about to see two very different sides of the psychedelic rock genre…the artsy and the natures.  The artsy ones were intellectual and creative, the nature ones were…well, natural and free spirited.  Both are definitive of this genre and there is no right or wrong interpretation of their works.  The older genres are not going away entirely…just taking a break from their awesomeness!

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots

Wow…was this woman pissed off or what?!  This was an anthem to all the ladies out their whose husbands were awesome music legends with a propensity to sleep with other women…oh!, sorry!  No, no, that was just Nancy!

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

This is considered by most musicians to be the greatest song ever written!  So many people envy the Beach Boys…and one of them lead a small hippie commune in California.  He’s really famous too!   Guess who?  That’s right!  It’s quirky little Charlie Manson!  What a surfing fanatic that son of a bitch is!

The Rolling Stone – Paint It, Black

An emo song that lays to shame all other emo songs!  I pity the parents of teenage 60’s hipsters whose houses had black doors and black…topiaries…

The Supremes – Keep Me Hangin’ On

I feel ashamed since I had no idea this was a Supremes song!  I thought it was an 80’s song by Kim Wilde.  How wrong I was!

The Monkees – I’m A Believer

This is not only my tribute to Davey Jones…but this song is really good!  Made known to my generation in the 80’s thanks to reruns on Nick at Nite, The Monkees brought the 60’s and all it’s fun loving hipdom to the masses.


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