Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’65

So we’ve reached the half decade mark for the 60’s!  Congradualtions!  You have now witnessed the birth of rock and roll out of jazz and country, the transformation of jazz into R&B, and are about to partake in the creation of a new musical style…psychedelic rock!  Also, rock and roll as your parents knew it is about to crank the amp up to 11 with high voltage rock!  So, many of you will wonder why The Beatles still didn’t get on the list again…and my answer is simple…because everyone else needs a chance to be on the list too.  The 60’s was a decade for the birth of today’s greatest rock bands and it’s about to get a whole lot kookier!

Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

The Stones song to end all Stones songs!  They hit all the right chords with this one and it is almost kind of proven.  The Rolling Stones magazine voted this song #2 best song of all time!  But I think it’s a biased opinion since it is released in a magazine of the same name as the band….coincidence?  And of course there was that Brittany Spears mistake…I’m not going there…

Mamas and the Papas – California Dreamin’

Show of hands:  Who misses Mama Cass?  I know I do!  For some reason, when this song comes on, I raise my hands up and sway along.  This is very rare for me so it was awkward in the Boston subway station.

The McCoys – Hang on Sloopy

This is a really cool song…if you can discover if Sloopy was a good looking girl or not cause with a name like Sloopy man I’m not too sure.  After watching the video I did notice this was the start of the bob cut and the swingers dancing away…fully clothed swingers, but swingers nonetheless!

The Byrds – Mr Tambourine Man

This is a very early folksy song which is kinda hard for me to take in, but I appreciate it.  This is the stuff from the 60’s that most people look at and say “Yeah…that is very 60’s”.  And The Beatles frock is in full play!

The Who – My Generation

A band who officially punched main stream America with a sledgehammer and we loved it!  The sheer outright enthusiasm given by The Who set the standards for punk rock performances for years to come.  No matter what generation this song is sung for…it’s theirs!

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