Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’64

The British invasion has arrived!!  After that…everyone started going bat shit crazy.  Quite literally!  The rhythm and blues are coming in….but so is what we now know today as classic rock.  This, however, won’t be until the end of the decade though!  Now, sadly, there are no Beatles on the list this year, BUT that is because a lot of awesome music is being put out now and we can see that.  We are seeing a departure of a few such as the sock-hop songs of the fifties but do not feel discouraged for we can only go up!

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman

What can I say?  I f**king love Roy Orbison!  This song was made famous for my generation by the movie of the same title about a hooker.  Yeah, I bet that’s where Roy was going with this song!  People just didn’t get it like Garry Marshall did!

The Animals – House of the Rising Sun

When you listen to this song you feel like Eric Burdon just wants to tear it up!  Here we also have the use of the electric keyboard for one of the first times!  Damn, what a fantastic song!

The Kinks – All Day and All of the Night

I believe The Kinks were one of the pioneers of punk since it is so hard to classify them during the 60’s.  It was either rock, r&b, or hippie music (we will get to this soon) and even though this song is inappropriately used for car commercials today, it is still gritty enough to have all those pitfalls overlooked!

The Supremes – Baby Love

An ultimate Supreme song!  This was Motown’s big ticket in the early 60’s and it still doesn’t disappoint.  And the hair!  What fabulous hair!  I think the concept is the closer your hair got to heaven…or something like that…

Jan and Dean – Little Old Lady From Pasadena

That’s right!  Every little old lady in Pasadena got mugged, harassed at the 7Eleven, and asked for her personal services as a direct result of this song!  Since this is the pinnacle of surf music and psychedelic rock is about to slap us in the face with a rusty nailed 2X4…I think every old lady in Pasadena should be proud of their 60’s tribute!


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