m.o.v.e – XII

Awesome stuff! Check it out!

Kurayami Monogatari

Track Listing

  1. Overture
  4. The World Of Prisoners
  5. Jasmine
  6. XII
  7. Shake The Babylon
  8. A Thousand Reasons
  10. FLY HIGH
  11. Sudden Romance
  12. D.C.

1. Overture

Beginning the album off, Overture is definitely the introductory track for the album and already I’m getting “Deep Calm” vibes from it with it’s goth-like orchestral piece mixed with the chanting to make it darker.  When the strings become a bigger factor it did feel upbeat but then quickly goes away for the chanting (which I think is Latin?).  Short and strange though lol.


Getting into the vocal track’s MAYHEM PHILOSOPHY definitely has a rather unique feel to it since there’s more guitars and motsu is rapping first.  It’s pretty cool sounding and when yuri joins she has a pretty good tone to her voice almost like she’s singing in a stronger feel.  I also they toned down the auto-tune…

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