I really, really miss Jim! I love the sight I found this particular video on! It is very beautiful and provoking!


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Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’73

Who was waiting for Aerosmith?  I know I was!  This is also the beginning of Pink Floyd and the slow, poisonous defeat of country into it’s own channels of music.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like country, but mainstream USA is about to segregate themselves faster than a restaurant in 1960!  ::sigh:: Can’t we all just get along?

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

Absolutely, positively the most incredible example of rock and roll that can be found in this decade!  I know of Japanese musicians today who claim this song as the reason they are in the business to start with!  This marks Skynyd’s longest song…lasting over 14 minutes during concerts!

Aerosmith – Dream On

I have to admit that I am an Aerosmith fan…80’s Aerosmith, but their earlier music doesn’t disappoint!  I heard this song on a compilation CD and thought it was current.  I had no idea it was from the 70’s.  That is a cool song!

Pink Floyd – Money

Floyd is not for everyone.  Their earlier stuff was very experimental and lasted forever!  This is was a great hit for this band since it was a deceiving precursor of The Wall!  That is for later on…and you just wait till I mention the movie!

The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Admitedly, I again heard this song for the first time on the Wayne’s World soundtrack!  I love how at the start, when the boys make their introductions, that they sound like their phone sex callers…or they sound gay either one.

Dolly Parton – Jolene

I would have beaten myself if I hadn’t put Dolly on this list!  She’s phenomenal!  I was actually supposed to be named after this song, but after having heard the lyrics I don’t know if I wanted to be named after a man-stealing red head!  At least it would have proven how awesomely pretty I am…women need that sometimes!

Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’72

AND SO…psychedelic rock has seen it’s days!  No more naked paint splatter Twister…no more unbathed college drop-outs living in the shadow of the public library.  No, now we are in the age of the muscle car…and cocaine, but that’s besides the point!  This is, specifically, the year of the Dodge Charger!  Hells yeah!  But you’ll find a definate separation now in musical classes and an already thin line that stereotyped musical genres is about to get much thicker…like a moat filled with ravenous crocodiles and barracudas!

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

A song the exemplifies funky!  I love this song because just about everyone knows it.  If they don’t…their parents were evil and their friends cruel!

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

If you have ever attempted to play the guitar…the opening notes might have been your first chords!  I know it is awesome since Raymond Rabbids has it as one of their musical games!

Alice Cooper – School’s Out

He lies!  School is never over!  It’s never out!  I was deceived and now I’m pissed!

Jim Croce – Don’t Mess Around With Jim

You know…I think it’s a word to the wise that you shouldn’t mess with Jim…but is…?  Nevermind.  I listened tot he song like a million times and I still what to know why I, as a girl, can’t mess around with Jim.  Well, Jim…you are shit out of luck.  The song told me not to come near you!

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

One of the last Elvis songs on the lists!  After Elvis…well, let’s just say Elvis got rather plump in the last few years of his life he started slowly sliding off the charts.  However, the fact that he still has a chart topping song says a lot about him!

Yaritagariya san by SDN48

I believe this song was made for the sole purpose of allowing the listener/viewer of the video to not give a shit what is trying to be said!  As a woman myself, I feel I should start by saying catchy song, rocking costumes, or more appropriately… lingerie but I have to admit I was really curious as to what in an Irish snakes survival in hell is going on!

So, here are the facts:

  • Girls pose in white lingerie for a self shot impromptu photography shoot…many, many girls!
  • They do a provocative dance number which they cup their breasts and say what what I think is boobs hinting to the fact that they have great personalities.
  • They then proceed to take off the clothes since posing with them on was making them sad.  Only when they had taken off their clothes did you see one of them smile for the camera!
  • Then the song ends…with nothing to it but some really innovative burlesque numbers!

So I was curious after having watched what most men would consider porn (I consider it Friday night!) as to what was actually going on and this is what I got!

A Iyaiyaiya Uh ~ while being struck Asia, it began to rain Iyaiyaiya to embrace his arms clung to leave Iyaiyaiya A sudden kiss is A Iyaiyaiya
Of too hard
Reluctant to shop spear

What the Wind Fukimawashi You did not look at me something?
Even if it does not matter now lies in that close to you than anyone else of what I have played where I

Uh ~ more and more software applications Iyaiyaiya Iyaiyaiya two people to want to see your department wet so let’s open the suborder Iyaiyaiya Segami software Iyaiyaiya a kiss again
Reluctant to shop spear as rumor

This is a man worth all the same anyway you might be good in this light I hate feeling like this happens in the course and momentum?
More meaningful because I also love music here

A Iyaiyaiya Uh ~ while being struck Asia, it began to rain Iyaiyaiya to embrace his arms clung to leave Iyaiyaiya A sudden kiss is A Iyaiyaiya
Reluctant to shop spear too hard

Uh ~ more and more software applications Iyaiyaiya Iyaiyaiya two people to want to see your department wet so let’s open the suborder Iyaiyaiya Segami software Iyaiyaiya a kiss again
Reluctant to shop spear as rumor

So that did shit to help me out!  But it did give me a nice chuckle though!  So I guess..until a more appropriate translation can be made, since I hope this was not the real translation, all you horny little men out there can just fantasize and hope…that your girlfriend takes your eyes out gently with that rusty can opener!  If you have cool girlfriends they’ll love it…if not, beware the can opener!

Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’71

That’s right everyone…this is the year of Stairway!  It’s time to let the Led out!  The start of the 70’s almost sealed the death of the 60’s hippie and made way for hard rock bands to blossom like the putrid corpse flowers they were born to be!  But guess what?  Funk is on the way with a healthy side dish of Afro loving disco…but that’s not until KISS succumbs to the deadly groove of the dancing disco ball much later on!

Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven

Do I even have to explain why this song in on the list?  That’s almost insulting to the all the established rock lovers out there in the great white unknown!  That’s like asking why apple pie is so important to America, why the Great Wall was so important to China, why bordellos are so important in Japan…it just is!

The Doors – Riders on the Storm

I recall vividly lying on the floor of my friends house in the middle of summer during hurricane season listening to this song about 10 times!  You don’t even have to be high to listen to this song and fully feel…awesome…I guess is the right word…

David Bowie – Life on Mars?

I love how it’s a question.  Is it really.  I actually first hear this song as it was redone by Anggun.  I really like her easy listening rendition…but David holds a special place in my heart!

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

(my friend was humming this as I started on this one..  🙂  I really like the repetition in this one…you know…cause he does!  This is a really light funk song because it makes you groove a bit.

America – Horse With No Name

Why doesn’t the horse have a name?  What?  It wasn’t good enough to have a name?  This song has become one of those songs which I have more questions than answers coming from it.  For one…listen to the lyrics, I think they had a really weird dream and then forgot English!  If you are a child of the 80’s you just might recognize this band…as the band who did The Last Unicorn song!

Instant Reaction- BigBang Style

So, as I was trolling my Facebook for something to entertain myself with, I saw that one of my collected Koreans had posted something.

Now, this particular Korean I was thinking about getting rid of…until I saw this shit!

I then realized why I keep this kid, even though he/she (I haven’t figured this one out yet) likes to over share videos and lyrics.

So, I will give you laymen out there a bit of connections for the immediate reactions we had

#1.  Oh, what’s all that stuff on the ground, ohs shit it’s attached to his head it’s alive!


#3. Miyavi!?

#4. I think you have enough tattoos….and not one of them makes you look hardcore. And that better not say FRIZBEE…But I think it does.

#5. Trying to be sexy isn’t working out for you. Take a lesson in subtlety from SCREW. (It’s infallible logic… because it rhymes)

#6. Liberace  wants all his stuff back, so does Napoleon.

#7. Oh….it’s BIGBANG….oh shit, Korea has discovered Visual Kei…

#8. Green eyebrows and blue hair, though on the same color spectrum it still doesn’t work. It makes you wonder though…is it ALL of his hair?

#9. Besides the no music thing, what exactly was the riot about?

#10. Dancing Chinese Dogs….What the fuck was that about? Actually, this video had a whole lot of What The Fuck Was That About moments. You may determine your own.

Also, there was maybe 5 seconds of choreographed dancing. Five! Two weeks ago this band looked like a sparkly version of an all male Zumba class! What the hell!? We are all done for, it’s over now.

Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’70

And so we have come to the start of yet another decade which forced us to re-evaluate all our musical parameters yet again and create yet another genre of music towards the end of the decade.  As a matter of fact, two genres and the genre which kick off my generation…but that’s to come later!  Now?  Vietnam is just a few years from closing…like a slap on the face of America…so the music reflects that a bit.  We have the start of metal and the hippie culture is mutating into fuzzy muttonchops and El Caminos!

Edwin Star – War

What is it good for?  Probably a lot more than Edwin knew about!  A little info about me…I’m a military brat.  It’s just hard for me to believe that one military conflict screwed America up so well that people still bitch about it today! My opinion on the song should be self explanatory, but it was the times it was written so I get it.

Santana – Evil Ways

This one goes out as a tribute to my dad who loves Santana…has since he was a teenager!  I know a lot of people nowadays sees Santana in his Supernatural album and says “Oh!  He’s so great…listen to Rob Thomas sing!” and then I take another shot of Jack!  Sure it was a great album…but Santana is…Santana!  Woodstock!  I mean…Woodstock, man!

Black Sabbath – Paraniod

I have to give my props to Ozzy!  Without him, mothers would feel it was okay for their kids to listen to the music they wanted.  Now, with him, we have parental censorship and very angry religious factions!  So thanks Ozzy!  Rock would never have been so awesome without you!

Elton John – Your Song

So let’s step away from rock and let’s meet Elton!  His stuff is so catchy that it speaks through time…and, wow, did that shit just creep up on your ass like an emo at an art gallery!  I do love Elton and wish to express that, like Liberace…no one knew!  Really?  With the glasses and the heels…no one?  Really?!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Who’ll Stop The Rain

When my sister, who is only 30, went to see CCR in our hometown a few years ago, she was shocked to learn that she knew all the songs!  And why?  Because our mother loved CCR so much she unconsciously hummed, sang, belted, and whistled CCR at home all the time and the songs just imprinted itself on our brains!