Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’61

Soooo…now we’re moving a little away from Doo-wop and going to Motown , Surfer music, and the beginnings of Folk.  Now, I also have to give country a bit of a shout-out since it is probably the one genre that changes the least in the next forty years!  That’s why you’ll see Patsy, yet another loss to music!

Ben E King – Stand By Me

I love singing to this song!  I know there is a River Phoenix movie of the same name, but this is what started the whole thing!  You have to respect all forms of music in some way and paying homage to the songs that started it all is the reason behind this blog.  Awesome song!

Patsy Cline – Crazy

I heard this song for the first time from The Kidney Thieves (whom I have heard nothing of since 2002) and I kinda thought the style was a little out of their genre.  No wonder!  Since it was Patsy who sang the original!

Ricky Nelson – Hello May Lou

The names of these girls back in the day!  I can compare it to the 80’s with names like Tiffany and Brittany.  And Ricky!  I wonder how many girls changed their names to fit with this song…

The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman

As employees of the USPS sing…when the inclination appeals to them… this song is sung often.  As a matter of fact, they also sing Elvis often as well.

The Beach Boys – Surfin’

Alright!  California music!  I love the Beach Boys and I don’t blame them completely for Charles Manson…really I don’t!  There is a reason why these guys will probably make the list a few more times before the end of the 60’s.  They alone started the surf culture craze!


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