Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’59

And here we have reached the year of American Pie.  No, not the song, but the plane that inspired the song.  And not just the plane, it was the plane crash the took away three of rock and rolls brightest talents, Buddy Holly Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper.  Now this list doesn’t have the Big Bopper, but it does sport the first two!

Ritchie Valens – Donna

On top of La Bamba this is a awesome Richie Valens song!  This (according to the movie) is a love song to Richie’s high school sweetheart.  It’s a nice story…and I’m sad that men have lost their damn taste for being awesome like that!

Bobby Darin – Dream Lover

I absolutely love this song!  I thought this was Bobby’s coolest song!  I love dancing around to this song!  At the time he was married to Doris Day and their were a power couple!

Santo and Johnny – Sleep Walk

I can not describe how ethereal this song sounds.  It almost has a Hawaiian vibe to it!  But this is definitely a slow dance song and proved how powerful the electric guitar can be!

Buddy Holly – Peggy Sue Got Married

A movie of the same name was made in the 80’s with Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage and is sort of like a sequel to Buddy’s earlier song.  This is the end of the 50’s since this would be Buddy’s legacy.

Dion and the Belmonts – Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love

This is a great song for the Wii game Raymond Rabbids!  So now every one and your grandmother will know this song!


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