Underground Album Review : Discoco by Coco Lee

I wish to present to everyone a very small segment of Jackie history!

To start, I am a lover of most music.  When I say most, I leave a lot of what I consider “tragic” music in the back seat of a crappy used Chevy Nova, smother it with lighter fluid and flare shots, then roll it over the edge of some forgotten cliff in the middle of nowhere in the hopes that no one will ever discover it’s remains for fear of trying to revitalize the sound!  It takes a while for me to fill this particular back seat up so this drastic action only takes place once in a while.

What I do with good music is I store it in a nice plastic container after I have played it so much that the vinyl (yeah, old school is still so awesome!) grooves make whatever it is I listen to sound like messages from Satan.  (I have a lot of those, luckily I stopped listening to the voices.)  And I really do listen to just about everything.  I have my favorites, but then again I was a product of the 80’s…there is no saving me now!

So a story! In my first year of college, I was given one of my first Chinese pop CD’s by one of my best friends, Melon, who had visited Philly’s Chinatown.  The album was Coco Lee’s D.Is.coco. I had never listened to Chinese pop before but the similarities between it and K-Pop are astounding!  This was, happily, not one that I pitched in the back of the Nova!  I love this album!  I love it so much that I finally bought my own copy just the other day from an Asian music store which is the only place sometimes to find really good foreign music.

The album is a mix of remixes from her earlier career and a few new singles mashed in there sprinkled across a two CD compilation.  If you’re not into dance/trance then this might not be for you, but if you are open minded to the world of synth/dance/techno then you will get along famously with this album.  The hard part about doing a review for this album is the fact that, though I have listened to it for a long ass time, I haven’t owned the album (it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet!) and I do not speak Chinese worth a damn so I can’t really tell anyone the name of the songs or even come close to translating them for you.  Japanese, sure…Chinese, not a chance.

So I am now stuck with a rather peculiar problem.  I want to write a good review on D.Is.Coco (stands for Dance Is Coco) but even the internet cannot help me!  The only thing it is good for is telling me “Yeah, it exists.  Oh!  You want to know something about it?  Nah, can’t help you there.”  Which is so messed up because she sings in English too!!  Damn you internet!  Damn you to Hell!!  And then I take that back 5 minutes later when I discover Youtube again.

So here is the photo session Coco did for the album art of D.Is.Coco!  You can hear a few pieces of music in the background…covered up by the sound of the ultra, high powered blow dryer being used to create a vortex of wind around her equal to that of a typhoon.

When I finally get my own album in I will expand on the “review” part of this blog to actually give people something to see!  I might actually have the album listings! Well, if you really, really want it…here you go. They even translated it for you so you wouldn’t sit around hopelessly looking at a Chinese/English dictionary trying to inappropriately translate it yourself!  It doesn’t look like they did a 100% great job of it themselves.


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