Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’57

Now we start getting into the really good stuff!  Most of the 50’s are filled with remakes, redos, and rewrites so it is refreshing to see songs that stood on their own.  You see, we’re 2 years away from “the day the music died” and those songs will come around next year, no worries!  Now we shall see the beginning of the end of the 50’s!

I give you the best 5 of 1957!

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock

What kinda of rock enthusiast would I be if I didn’t keep adding Elvis for every year?!  Especially this song!  This was it!  The first song I can identify as being “the shit”! Leave it to Elvis to create a timeless hit about fantasy prison life that didn’t involve a shank and a dirty car thief with a propensity to flirt!

Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie

Another song I was obsessed with for over a week!  I don’t think anyone nowadays understands how risque this song was back in the day!  And it was two guitars and a good gimmick!  Happily, this will not be the only time Everly’s make the list!

Perry Como – Round and Round

I just had to put the video up!  When I was searching for this song, guess what came up first!  That’s right!  Ratt!  I actually had to be target specific to get the one from Perry!  I love the skate theme and the poodle skirts and the ponytails and…awww…so 50’s!

Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire

Ahh, yeah.  It’s hard to do this list without a little Jerry!  It is said he would have been bigger than Elvis had he not married his 13 year old cousin.  Thing about that Jerry, it didn’t last did it buddy?  No, so I hope that was worth it!  You could have done soooo much more!

Buddy Holly and The Crickets – Peggy Sue

What could be more oldies rock and roll than Peggy Sue?  She was made famous by Buddy…and later by Kathleen Turner, but that is on another list!  I wonder if she was real…

Alright!  Just two more years till the 60’s…and even then it might be a bit longer before we get to the really hard rock stuff.


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