Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’55

As a little project that I am starting in music, I would like to reach back to a time when men dressed fabulously and women knew it!  I am going to go through every year of every decade and post my favorite songs from that year, only 5 of them, and say why it was either important for me or why it might have been important to music history in general.

I’ll be kicking off this most kick ass list at 1955.  I do this for the main reason that I believe that’s where I should start it dammit!  This was the year of James Dean, the year of Chuck Berry, the year music became a phenomenon and not just a pleasant pastime.  And here are my top 5 of ’55!

Bill Haley – Rock Around the Clock

What a cool song!  You might recognize this from Happy Days, which was based in the 50’s.  The thing about these songs is they were meant for dancing and that is something I think I missed out on being a product of the 80’s.  The lyrics might not make a shit lot of sense, but who the hell cared when you were dancing on the floor actually achieving rhythmic continuity with the rest of the people around you!

Les Baxter Orchestra – Unchained Melody

That’s right!  This was the first version!  I know you all know this one from The Righteous Brothers, but those crazy easy listening 50’s yuppies soaked this shit in!  They loved listening to elevator music!  I do prefer the remake but this will probably be the only version of this song on the lists.

The Crew Cuts – Earth Angel

Another original version of a very successful song.  You might recognize this song from the spectacular 85 movie Back To The Future.  The best version is with Marvin Berry but these guys did it first.  Again, I prefer the remake but this is still quintessential 50’s dance music!

Chuck Berry – Maybelline

No it is not in honor of makeup, people really called their kids fun names back in the 40’s and 50’s!  This is one of the first great examples of guitar solos…electric guitar solos!  Riffs!  Songs were so simple back then!  It sounds a bit country but it was so rock and roll!

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love

I like this video!  It explains that new fad called rock and roll.  Jazz, vocals, and a great drum beat.  And look how cute they are!!  Their all clean cut and such a fun song!

The next list will be in ’56…because logic dictates it comes after ’55…


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