Music Nostalgia – 5 Great Songs of ’56

And so here is the next year on the lists through the decades, year by year, of what I believe to be the most important and most influential songs to be on the radio that particular year.  Or the ones people just might have forgotten about but left a lasting impression on my horribly rock and roll saturated mind.  Now on with it!

Here we go…the best 5 songs out of 1956!

Gale Storm – Teenage Prayer

For those of you still referencing movies to get most of your information about oldies, this song was performed in the 80’s movie Cry Baby, you know that movie with Johnny Depp (normally when I say that everyone’s “Oh yeah!”).  Since a lot of people would not consider this rock and roll…remember when we’re talking about people!  This was the bees knees to a lot of people!

Elvis Presley – Don’t Be Cruel

And Elvis’ first appearance on the list!  How in the hell can anyone talk about the 50’s and not mention Elvis?!  It was 60 years ago and people still love it!  I don’t think I even need to mention his contribution on rock and roll!  As a smaller note, I would have been the loudest screaming bitch at those concerts!

Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill

I was obsessed with this song for almost a week once!  And I was born in the 80’s!  For all the celluloid referrers out there, this was used as a running joke in Happy Days when Archie kept singing it!  It also proved that a song didn’t have to be complex to sound amazing!

Little Richard – Long Tall Sally

I would like to compliment the balls that Little Richard had for even becoming a closeted homosexual black singer/performer in the South during the 50’s.  Props man!  Not to mention that his songs were so cool!

Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line

I would have lynched myself if I hadn’t put Johnny somewhere on the list!  This song was famous during it’s first initial release, but became even more widespread after the movie with the same name was released with Reese Witherspoon.  Back then, country and rock were one in the same and we have to thank country for helping rock along the bumping road to stardom!

So there’s two years down!  Next up in ’57.  It’ll start getting insanely easy and hard for me when I start getting into the late 60’s!

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