Unexpectedly Awesome Cover Songs

Yes, I have another one!  The first time we saw a few (a very few) covers by Depeche Mode.  Today, with far less explanation and specs, I give you some of the better cover songs from yesterday and today.  Well, far more yesterday than today but the today is really good too.  I am only focusing on 4 artists and their songs that everyone else covered.  I shall start with Heart.


This powerhouse 70’s rock band is the loving brainchild of the main duo: sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.  One is the shredder, the other has been given the title of one of Rock’s greatest female voices.  Strangely, the band got their biggest hits in the mid/late 80’s with their simply titles album Heart.  But it was their 70’s hit “Barracuda” that the band is mostly identifies with.

Doro Pesch of Warlock – Barracuda

Warmen – Alone

Celine Dion – Alone

Halestorm – All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)

Tears For Fears

Next up is a band that I honestly think should come back.  Tears for Fears made one of New Waves best anthems” and the B side was just as influential with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.  But it was “Shout” that made the most noise!

At Vance – Shout

Disturbed – Shout


Even you wanted to avoid Madonna…you just can’t.  Even hard core fans have to admit her contributions to music especially in the 80’s!  She taught us to strike a pose, but first she taught us to speak Spanish!

Equatronic – La Isla Bonita

Alizee – La Isla Bonita

Lady Gaga

What?  She’s awesome!  I love a lot of her stuff and honestly, it is really good!  I will only talk about one song, so you can all rest easy.

30 Seconds to Mars – Bad Romance

Artist vs. Poet – Bad Romance

Caro Emerald – Bad Romance

Halestorm – Bad Romance

And there you go!  Here are some really good covers that really surprised the hell out of me!


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