Dir En Grey Again…Well, Almost

So, Leola called me up a few weeks ago and told me that Dir en Grey was coming really close to us and I was all like, “Let’s GO!”.  We bought the tickets…wait!  I need to complain about that!  Ticketmaster is what I normally use to get tickets and I have used it for years.  This time was a little different.  By the time Ticketmaster got through sapping my soul through a Swizzle Straw a $22 ticket turned into $36!  Why?  Fees!  You now have to pay fees for everything!  If you can get away with it, buy the tickets either through the venue or physically go to a Ticketmaster venue.  It will save you a fair bit of money and sanity…what little any of us have left!

So, I bought my ticket, looking for hotels in the area to stumble to and from when she called on Friday.  They canceled.  Out of the blue.  Canceled.  I’m not entirely devastated because it will not be the last time they come through town, but it was sooo convenient.  Much more so than Atlanta…that hateful, evil place that destroys nerves and took two hours within the city limits to get to the venue!

And I’m still waiting for the refund that raped my bank account!  Damn you Dir en Grey!  You better make up for this later!

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