Age of the Rock Video : Celebrity Guests

Show of hands…how many people miss the age of the rock video?  Unbridled, mostly pointless, filmed with a camcorder that was probably used to make a raunchy 70’s porn that involved a package of hotdogs and an inflatable pool that doubled as a hot tub when combined with straws and a gallon of bubble bath…these images might have been someone’s childhood.  But for most, it was just the 80’s.  During the age of the rock video, the world saw a level of creativity that wowed and astonished with vibrant colors and avant garde arrangements that would have put Lady Gaga to shame. (by the by, Cyndi and Madonna did it first!)

But today, we are talking about guest appearances by very memorable people.  Now almost everyone has heard of Rockwell’s one hit wonder with MJ doing background vocals…but this is beyond that!  This is chronicled, hard core evidence of a celebrity, model, or rising unknown involvement in the rock scene during the 80’s.  That is how powerful the music video was to the world at one time!

So the list begins.  Here is a list of celebrities and the music videos they were in.

Rebecca De Mornay

Video: Jefferson Starship – Sara

Danny Devito, Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas

Video: Billy Ocean – When the Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going)

Chevy Chase

Video: Paul Simon – You Can Call me Al

Christy Brinkley

Video: Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

Ian McKellen

Video: Pet Shop Boys – Heart

Courtney Cox

Video: Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark

The Cast of The Goonies (1985)

Video: Cyndi Lauper – The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough

Benicio del Toro

Video: Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Graham Chapman

Video: Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madness

(Sorry..Capitalist America does not wish for anyone to see this music video!)

French and Saunders

Video: Bananarama – Help

Donald Sutherland

Video: Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

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