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Tip of my Fingers

The GazettE is a Japanese Visual Kei rock band from 2002 (signed to Sony Music Japan) and they are one of the most popular rock bands and visual-kei bands in Japan.

So…some might be wondering what Visual Kei is.

The Gazette ^.

Now. Before some of you guys start screaming stuff like…”OMG EMO”. or .” WTF THATS SO GAY”.

Here are the guys that started it all ^. X Japan

So yeah, basically Visual Kei is, producing a Visual image of their music, often including extravagant hairdo’s, make-up, and extremely “weird” outfits (sometimes even cross-dressing). Mostly its the Japanese metalcore and heavy rock genre’s that go Visual Kei. But if visual-kei doesn’t roll with you. Close your eyes and listen to their music instead.

the GazettE gets a high recommendation from me ( YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS GOOD IF THEY GET A…

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