Sick Puppies, Society Red, Janus

A great and wondrous day to all.  Now that I have properly recuperated from Sunday night I can now tell you Leola and my own follies that all started on a cold and windy evening about five days ago.

A few weeks ago, Leola was elated to tell me of an upcoming Society Red concert (a band she has been anxious to show me for years now) at the little venue called Freebird.  As an added bonus we also got Janus and Sick Puppies as well. (KICK ASS!!!)  So, we arrived at around 7:30 Sunday night…now the fun begins.

Since this is my first stop at the Freebird I was eager.  The first sounds I heard while entering was a backtrack of a documentary that was being used in the show.  So my first impression was a short education on the word ‘fuck’ and how one can use it in a sentence.  My first thought…intriguing.

Society Red had already started and I only got to hear about three songs, but hey were cool and by the end of their set I knew the lead singers name was Damien.  I knew this for the woman behind me was screaming his name so loud that his future grandchildren will hear it in their dreams and will spend thousands of dollars in therapy for someone to get that voice out of their heads!

Now we come to the second band…Violent Soho.  How I wanted to hurt them…but happily the hurt themselves by head banging on their mics and drum sets.  I didn’t know I could feel bass vibrations in my spine and uterus.  It’s an odd feeling.

Luckily, they left and than Janus came on.  I would like to say that they were a fantastic band with even better taste.  They had a contest for the first person to guess the name of a cover they did and the album and the artist and year then they got an autographed t-shirt.  I knew but I wasn’t the first…the end of the story will come later.

So then it comes time for the headliner…Sick Puppies.  And me and Leola had stage side spots!  The best part was, we got paid twenty bucks a clip if we moved one foot back!  So technically, we got paid to see the concert that night!  And sadly, after Leola had a few drinks the dude next to her was mistaking her ‘polite conversation’ aka drunk commentary for flirting…the end of that story is soon as well.

So the concert was over and it rocked!  Leola’s friend Lisa was working the Merchandise booth for Society Red so we went to chat.  Leola and myself were somewhat iffy in common sense because both of us had some drinks.  Not quite drunk…but drunk enough.  So right next to Lisa is the lead singer of Janus and I was like ‘Hey!  Did anyone guess your song?’  They did but he wanted me to tell him anyway.  I’m not too sure what I said but I was close.  We both bought a CD with the twenty we earned for hawking our spots to the rather enamored couple and had that and a poster autographed by them.  They were frickin’ AWESOME!!

(By the way..the answer was Depeche Mode ‘Walking in my Shoes’ Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993 second track…bitches!)

So we get outside and made it to the car, when out of the left we hear ‘Allison!’  and I said ‘Shit!’ since that was the name I told the guy rubbing up on Leola earlier.  However, the funny part is I didn’t tell Leola about it so she was rather confused.  After politely (amazingly) turning down the poor bastard I explained the Allison thing to her.

We went home and I slept the four hours before work with drummers hear and a migraine.  Both worth the night!  Now we are preparing for another fun month with Hittles Day on the way and Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace with Flyleaf at the end!

Wish us Jack!  (for those knew to the phrase the rest is Daniels)


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