Nickelback, Seether, Saving Abel

Well everyone…here we are.  Alive and awake.  As most of you might have guessed Leola, myself, and Shannon went to see Nickelback, Seether and Saving Abel concert last night.  We shall say again…it kicked ass!!!  We wish though to go through the evening to express some of the minor adventures we had and how I myself avoided jail time.

To begin, we arrived just under two hours early to make sure I did not have to drive through the nail biting traffic that is the city before a major event.  Luckily no problems there.  So that I did not have to carry anything on me I strapped my camera to my leg under my pants.

I knew this was there through the first hour as we went to the bar outside the theater for a whiskey.  After getting some food, Leola noticed the ticket for our order said “Hottie” as an identification.  We thought this is fabulous so I put it in my memorial frame.

Now comes the unexpected nail biting bit.  As we were going through security, where they normally just check bags, people were separated into two lines: Male and Female.

What was this?  Segregation!  Absurd!  That’s when I got nervous.  They were doing body searches to make sure you weren’t taking anything in like knives, guns, shanks, hand grenades, missile silo…that kinda stuff.  Since I had a digital camera strapped like a utility blade on my shin, yeah, I was sorta nervous.  But I made it through all right.

When we made it to the smokers balcony, just in case someone wanted to waste there $70 ticket for an ambulance ride, we realized they were searching hard core.  We rallied in our luck and toasted our second whiskey to the growing search lines.  Then we made fun of everyone coming in.  Notice – please stop dressing your child like that whoever had the sequined Mu-mu on.  Thank you.

When we sat down, all three of us prayed we would have hot men seated behind or next to us.  We got our wish, but next time we will be more specific.  For these beautiful me were not only gay…but hair dressers as well.  They kept touching Leola’s hair, but in fairness, they each got a bottle of Jack down before they sat down.

And so the concert began.  We are still having trouble hearing, but totally worth it.  When Nickelback finally took the stage, I don’t think we were able to speak anymore.  The very first song was Something in Your Mouth and it was like an ode to the ticket we had received earlier in the evening.  Somewhere in the first finale, however, they had reached technical difficulties.

The pyrotechnics employed for the show had produced an alarming amount of smoke and as such the sound system went off and the lights came on.  In effect, the band came out and gave out some beer and t-shirts to the people around them.  When they were finally able to get their mics to work their response to the alarms were “It’s just too much rock n’ roll for one fucking roof!”

Later, the guitarist came out and did a cover song of Use Somebody by Kings of Leone…of whom we are going to see next month.  He said that Chad (the lead singer) had given away more band stuff than necessary.  Chad, who had left the stage a moment before could be heard backstage saying “We didn’t give away shit!”  It was a fun night.

After the last finale (the drummer had one, the guitarists had one, Chad had one) the show was over…and the fire alarms we sound again!

Finally back at my place, we showered the lovely rocker nast off ourselves and I captured that lovely shot of me falling asleep with a bat towel on my head.  That’s what we get for displaying our sense of humor.


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