Miyavi at Firestone

As with all traditions I try to rejuvenate, I promise that this one will stick.  If I can, I’ll even reach back into my whiskey soaked past and dredge up all the other glorious concerts from years ago.  It will be like the evolutionary lizard crawling its way out of the primordial ooze and trying to gasp for air whilst flapping about in the prehistoric sludge that was once Earth, and then slithering back onto the sea after it realizes “Not quite yet”.

But this one I can remember!  How is that possible you ask?  Simply this, and this is a bit of schooling I’m giving out, if you go to a venue where “ALL AGES WELCOME” you will get watered down liquor in a clear plastic cup with the envious eyes of the underage youth glaring you down.  In all, not satisfying and a bit creepy.  But no problem, I would have much rather have seen this sober anyway.

Leola and myself are huge Miyavi fans and to tell you the truth, we weren’t expecting the crowd that showed up…but we should have.  Damn we should have!  I have no definite, clear photos of any of them for my camera magically turned off of fuzzed out when my finger was on the snap button.  I attribute this to three things: 1. The lighting.  It was very poor and many of my pictures came out fuzzy : (  2.  The flashing light from my camera managed to disturb the evil, dark shadows living in said youth so they stirred out of the dark recesses of the teenagers soul and blurred things up.  3. Some of them were so over the top that my camera refused to look long enough at them to get a good picture.

However, for any reason, it was a concert!  So what?!  If they wanted to look like a emo vampire cult hippie then by damn that is their right!  All in all, there was an overload of college/high school/dropout/runaway/groupies skulking around the stage.  And almost all…underage.  Reason for said omniscient knowledge?  Look at all the black X’s on the back of the hands.  They photo bombed almost all my pictures and one almost knocked Leola in the face…and then death would have been eminent!

Question of the day:  Just how long does one stay in jail for assaulting a minor at a rock concert?  Is that even an offense.  You would think people would be happy that happened really.

Another bit of schooling children: get to your venue early!  This way, you can wait in line for an hour and a half where the voyeurism is expected!  As we finally made it inside, we held a place stage left and then poured cement around our legs surrounding it with barbed wire and guard dogs.  The reason…teenagers.  Keep up.

So Miyavi took the stage.  I must say, a few years ago when his Kabuki album came out and he had kids, I had almost given up on him.  Leola as well, we just thought he would vanish like all the rest and a dark hole of sadness swallowed our hope for him.  Luckily, this concert reinstated that hope for he was amazing in every way.  It was so good in fact, Leola and I both ::gasp:: bought something!  That’s right.  We NEVER buy concert merchandise but dammit I waited over 10 years to see him and I wanted something for it!

In the end, I got concert voice and one hell of a good night out of it.  Leola as well.  She didn’t have to fight or yell at people, or shank someone, or kick a child, or detonate a bomb, or punch in the codes to nuclear war, or battle a Sperm Whale (though there was this one teenager who needed to put the bag of cotton candy down…serious).  But our true enemy…Daylight Savings Time!  What a bitch that was!

Oh!  And on an ending note, Orlando has one of the best radio stations ever!  101.1 FM is bloody awesome!



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