Kings of Leon

Soooo, the KOL’s, aka the Kings of Leone, concert was totally worth it!  In these next few lines, I will narrow down exactly how and what is described by “worth it”.

They were worth:

The sardine parking that my sister had to refrigerate in.  When asked how we were to leave after the concert, the douche man parking us in single file lines in a dirt lot exclaimed that “Oh!  It’s fine!  Once the concert’s over, people will be filing out of here like cockroaches!”  Arching my eye lid I replied “Is that so?  Cockroaches you say?”  More on this towards the end.

They were worth:

The mile walk from the parking lot to the amphitheater along a narrow sidewalk filled with grifters and beer bottles but then painted with the love of the five dollar downtown prostitutes leftover from the bar hop the night before.

They were worth:

The $12 dollar double whiskey Leola and I bought and then whined over because it tasted like some $3 wine cooler bought by Smoky Carlfargus at the liquor store on the outskirts of the city.

They were worth:

The “obstructed view” seats we had on the back section of the amphitheater.  But don’t worry!  I am happy to say that the pole made the party in time for the opening act and had enough endurance to stay standing even though half the drunken crowd was using it as a safety gravity anchor caused by the over-priced alcohol.

They were worth:

The crappy opening band, the Walkmens, whose lead singer showed up 45 minutes late.

They were worth:

The totally kick ass performance was sooo awesome!!  They sounded great!  We did notice that the bassist was so thin that when he turned to the side he disappeared entirely and in certain lights, looked like a drag queen.  Just so you know.  All in all, for this “worth it” thing…the band themselves were on the ball!  They really rock!  But I must continue on.

They were still worth it:

After we left and walked the mile back to the car and had to wait for the rest of the crowd to leave so we could, to put it simply…we did not see the cockroaches.  In this process of waiting in the parking lot, Leola and myself witness such a marvelous chain of events that they are worth noting.

The first was a man in the same situation we were in trying to get out before the car in front of him did.  This man scraped along three cars and therefore performed three hit and runs.  The second was a pair of girls who could not wait to use the restroom soooo they decided to use the Spanish Bayonets for toilets.  Clever, yes?  The last was trying to get Leisa into the car after the person in front of us left.  She was trying to convince someone to call the police after the hit and runs…with which no one was about to do since everyone and your mom were bloody drunk!

Yes, but all tragedies not withstanding…..Fantastic Concert!!

And yes…….they were totally worth it!

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