Dir En Grey at Centerstage

Lead Singer Kyo

So here we are again; a little tired, a little broke, but of this we are proud.  If you are judging the contents of the blog by its’ title…than you will not be disappointed.  If you’re not than you are here for curious purposes and that’s alright as well.  Allow me to deconstruct the series of events that lead to one of the most incredible concerts I have ever been to and of course the awesome events of the concert itself.

For myself, I would like to give a little background of my old opinions of this particular band.  I found out about Dir en Grey some years ago in my fresh high school years when they were still visual kei dressing in skirts and make-up.  Awesome says I.  But alas, I had one small problem.  I loved the sound of the band and then…Kyo, the lead singer, would start this horrible grueling grunting that did not really do much to stimulate my taste for the band.  I tried numerous times and just couldn’t do it!  I watched their videos, saw live footage, read articles and still nothing!  Until this trip, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong…why I just couldn’t get to like them enough.  I have the solution to this problem which will be told in a moment.

And so…

…Leola came to me begging to use my computer to purchase tickets since she was too far from home to get to her own.  I told her to include me because even though I was not their most dedicated fan, I was still very curious to see them live.  I have known about them for a very long time and really wanted to see them in person.  In order for you to understand everything, however, now I must tell you Leola’s point of view.

Toshiya (left) and Die (right)

Leola lives and breathes Dir en Grey.  She listens to them almost all the time and sometimes doesn’t mind that whole vomiting on the mic thing Kyo does every so often.  Until two days ago, she was the only full blown Dir en Grey fan in our little band of misfits.  She is the authority and I have no plans of taking the thrown, however, she is now no longer the only Dir en Grey fan in the group.  I will explain.

I will not torture you with the 7 hour drive we had to make to Atlanta…for it was evil and full of massive billboards bossing us about.  We arrived, happily, quite early so we had enough time to pick up our tickets at will call.  Upon arriving in the thick, wind blown southern city we were welcomed by a nice frigid temperature. We made our way to Centerstage…where there stood a small line of about 25 j-rockers waiting since 8 PM the night before to just catch a glimpse of this five member band (Kyo, Toshiya, Kaoru, Shinya, and Die).  Hard core…and stupid, I thought.

Jackie (right) and Leola (left)

We made ourselves even more ravishing than we normally are and headed over early to beat the crowd that we knew was already there.  And there we stood….for an hour and a half…on a cold, windy corner in downtown Atlanta.

I love my friend, I want everyone to know that.

After they finally let us in, we hung out with three great people; Mina, Brian, and Steve who were totally awesome!  The Birthday Massacre was the opening and to put it simply, I don’t think we would see them again live…no, not at all.  Not exactly what we expected so I’ll just move on.

Kaoru (left) and Toshiya (right)

Dir en Grey then finally took the stage.  Their fans were so enthusiastic, they made a mosh pit behind us and bum rushed everyone another 5 feet forward…getting us closer to the stage.  With my trusty new Sony Cybershot HX9V on hand I was able to get some of the most phenomenal pictures and footage I have ever been able to get at a concert!  And Leola…well, she was happy…ethereally, blissfully, mind numbingly happy.  Because we stood out from the other emo, chain sporting, bunny ear wearing groupies we managed to get a couple of looks from the band. The fact that we are so j-rock that we wore stiletto thigh high boots to a three hour concert might have also done it too.

We also could have made a fortune if we had bet people someone would throw a pair of underwear on stage at Kyo…which was absolutely hilarious.  So after the encore as Die was throwing picks at the crowd…I felt one hit me.  “Score!” I thought as I tried to compose myself as to not alarm the many emo groupies described earlier from mauling me into retardation.  I told Leola to look around and by heaven she found it.  It’s going on the wall of rock!  And then Kyo spit on us…some getting into Leola’s mouth which even she has trouble with even as much as she adores him.

Guitarist for Dir en Grey

Guitarist Die

My job was to take pictures and Leola’s was to obtain a state of nirvana…which she did.

But something curious happened.  Remember when I said I found a solution to my problem earlier?  I was watching the band and it just hit.  Something in my mind turned around and slapped my logic in the face and that’s when I thought “I get it!”.  I had to see them live in order to change my mind.  Listening to them, nothing.  Watching and listening to them in person did it.  I can listen to them now and not change every other track after having seen them with my own eyes! I love the concerts that change the way I see things.

FYI – All the pictures from this blog are mine and taken with my camera!  Isn’t my camera awesome!?  If you want to see the rest, like our fan page on facebook located on the side bar!

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