The Best and Worst Depeche Mode Covers

Anybody who’s anybody knows who Depeche Mode is!  This is a band that not only has a cult following (me included) but enough staying power to have lasted over three decades.  Over those three decades they have produced incredible and iconic songs which include “Personal Jesus” and “Strangelove” to name a very, very few.

With the popularity of Depeche Mode being as immense as it is, it was only inevitable that other bands would eventually do cover songs.  These cover songs range from rock ballads to electrictropop dance and even death metal grinders.  Some of these remakes are very good in their own right doing justice to an already great song.  However, there are some, many in fact, that fall a little flat.  As a matter of fact, they offend hard-core Depeche Mode fans, such as myself, to a point where a jagged knife and a cup of lemon juice cannot take my mind off the sheer pain that some of these bands have caused me over the years.

Here is a short list of some of the best and worst Depeche Mode songs that have ever been covered.  These are my opinions and my opinions only so please be gentle dear commenters.   I have been a Depeche Mode fan my entire life and I have reserved the right to these opinions.

Personal Jesus

This quintessential Depeche Mode song was released in 1989 as the first single to their Violator album.  If you know no other Depeche Mode song then this is the song that you should know.  As a matter fact, this is the most covered song from Depeche Mode that resulted in positive feedback.  The first popular cover was done by none other than famed shock rocker, Marilyn Manson.  His high-intensity cover is one of the best I have ever heard.  He sticks with the original beat and tempo and emphasizes an already spectacular drumbeat.

From one extreme to another, the next Personal Jesus cover is performed by the legendary Johnny Cash.  Though I’m not entirely sure Johnny understood the meaning of the song ,what is unique about Johnny’s version is that he gave it his own personal meaning making the song feel completely different.  And though Depeche Mode made many remakes for their singles including an acoustic version of this song, I believe that Johnny Cash’s version is by far one of the best.  Who else can turn a synth pop song around and make it sound country?  Fans of both are not disappointed with this one.


Sounds naughty doesn’t it?  However,  that was not the band’s intentions at all.  Though the song appears to be very erotic, it is actually speaking about mental shedding and instead of stripping your clothes, it is supposed to be stripping away your mind.  Even with this explanation, many bands who perform covers of this song usually accentuate the sensual lyrics.  One band that does this is Rammstein, a popular German band who appeared early on in The Matrix soundtrack with “Du Hast”.  Using their own explosive sound, they turned “Stripped” into a pumped up, head banger!  For the purposes of this post, I had to use the concert version since the original video is a bit… fleshy.

Enjoy the Silence

Depeche Mode’s Violator album has produced such great tracks that almost all of them have been covered at least once….and I’ve heard a lot of them.  The Italian goth band Lacuna Coil covered this great Violator song for their album Karmacode in 2006.  I like the fact that even though the song is more punked out, the lyrics are still sung very beautifully making sure to keep with the quality of the original.

For those of you who are Susan Boyle fans..I’m sorry for this next one.  I am open-minded and I think she has a great voice, but even this song is far too slow for “Enjoy the Silence”.  I never imagined it to be easy-listening before and I do not want to really.

…and I have quickly tried to forget this memorable rendition by Maritime.
Maritime covers Depeche Mode


One of my all time favorite songs!  “Strangelove” has been remade numerous times and the audio track has been borrowed for many pop songs such as Infernal’s “I Won’t Be Crying”.  It is sometimes hard to differentiate between good covers and bad ones since some either completely redo the original or they don’t even come close to it.  Bat For Lashes did one such song that remains faithful to the original, but it’s hard for me to like it personally.  It was done for a Gucci ad and..well…here it is.

For some reason, there are a lot of Depeche Mode fans in the heavy metal scene.  Nevergreen’s version is heavy but keeps the same tone as the original. To be honest, I actually like this version a little because it doesn’t deviate from the tune of the original but the vocals do not thrill me as much as they could.

Well, I think I have educated you enough for one blog.  I do intend to continue with this since there are SO many Depeche Mode covers that sometimes it overwhelms me…or makes me vomit.  Either way, this could get even more entertaining!


Bands Who Were (or still are) Visual Kei

Throughout my long love affair with J-rock (Japanese music for those who have never read the blog) there have been changes.  Many changes. You see, the Japanese don’t like to dwell on things longer than five minutes or as long as it takes to get married on the corner by the pay-by-the service automated court certified nuptial vendor. So, sad to say, many j-rock bands cannot climb out of the hole that many trendy teenage social whores dug for them.  Many, however, start visual kei (which is a very hard thing to describe but I’ll try later on) but then manage to either hold their own amongst the lightning fast tastes of the Japanese music industry or change their image without loosing their fan base.

I have a small list of such bands.

We’ll start with Leola’s and my own current favorite band.

The Gazette

I put them on this list for the solid fact that it doesn’t matter what any crazy Avant Garde fashion designer puts on them they still look incredible.  Yet, happily, they sound amazing!  So go ahead and where that top hat that makes you look like the Disney version of the Mad Hatter, wear those shiny, jewel encrusted silk suits, and continue to sing about naughty adult activities…you must be doing something right!

Buck Tick

Talk about staying power!  This band has been around longer than Leola’s been alive and they still have an incredibly large fan base.  At first, they were in the 80’s spiked hair scene which is cool because it made them almost two feet higher than usual.  Since I don’t like to talk about what happened in the 90’s we will leave that alone and then we come up to now!  They now deck out in Fendi and still rock our world!


Oh yes.  He couldn’t escape this list.  I still consider him visual kei, but not to the extent he was with Due le Quartz…yeah, not even close.  Only a young spring of a thing while in Due le Quartz, Miyavi has proven to have calmed down tremendously (I still have the video of him in a gaudy outfit dancing in a grassy field with a broken umbrella and a shopping cart) to the sensational guitarist that I had hoped he would continue to be.  And his popularity…go to one of his concerts.  That should explain everything!


This band might actually want to hide the fact they were visual kei…but then again I don’t think they have  shame in this profession.  Luckily, their visual kei phase was short lived. This band is hardcore and we love them!  Simple style, you know…black.  I just glad they dropped the face masks…what is with that?


 My favorite of all time!  This Japanese juggernaut started in Malice Mizer and hasn’t stuck with a hairstyle yet!  My first image of him was in a pair of vinyl hot shorts in platforms crawling on the ground.  I like the Armani suits and leather jackets now.  Though Gackt’s image has evolved enormously over the last 16 years he has managed to maintain almost his entire fan following since everyone loves him that much.


This is an incredibly visual kei band.  Kamijo, the lead singer, has worn every Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan, Georgian, and fantastical costume there is and more!  And it is deceptive.  You think their music is soft, easy listening elevator music because their might be a harpsichord involved?  You would be gravely mistaken!  Since the tragic passing of Jasmine You (we still think of ham sandwiches in a different way…they could save lives people!) the band is trying to regroup so cross your fingers this band does not fall to the wayside like so many.

Dir En Grey

You think that as one of Leola’s friends that I would leave this out.  Their visual kei years were my visual kei years.  I mean, they look better in dresses than I do and I think I look pretty damn good in them.  However, they only really stuck in visual kei for a few years (though Toshiya stills likes skirts) and then went even more bad ass which is wise cause I doubt I would have found Kyo as frightening if he was wearing guyliner and a sparkling one piece spandex outfit.  Sure he would have had blood dripping from his mouth but he still would be wearing guyliner and a sparkling one piece spandex outfit.


I am not going to say much here…it should be a given.  You cannot kill X-Japan now, they have a martyr sothey are stuck in a perpetual state of infamy for the rest of eternity and beyond.  But they did have a style to them…for sure!


 Admit it.  You giggled a bit.  Screw (stop laughing) is a very fluctuating band and I say that in they have a more mild version of visual kei (I think I just made it sound like a disease!)  Their musical style isn’t as heavy as some others but their clothing is very relaxed (sometimes) by j-rock standards.  I do like how they coordinate in some instances…reminds me of the 60’s matching outfits.


 These guys rank up their with Versailles in style.  They cranked it up to 11 on the gaudy scale!  And their music is very similar.  I have noticed that the more visual kei your band, the heavier the sound of the music.  Do the feathers in your collar give you bad ass bass playing skills or the tighter your black leather body suit the harder you play or do the garters on your thigh make the weight of you beat foot that much heavier?


 I have had people ask me if the name had something to do with the Mayan calendar and I said it was probably the price they paid for a bucket of KFC that one Christmas. This is kind of a relaxed band compared to some on out there.  They have a pop in their step and a jive on their chains that hold their pants to their white studded snake skin jackets.


Sadly, they just barely made the list.  They did break up this year…one of the many fatalities of the aforementioned music scene.  But to show how much I am going to miss them I shall include them.  There were flowers involved, there were skirts, fish nets, and top hats.  And they mostly stayed within a red, white, black color scheme.  Sorry if this one falls kind of flat…I’m slowing taking the dagger out of my betrayed heart.


Bandanna ascots, police hats, eye patches, and the propensity of using eyeliner to demonstrate their awesome tribal tattoo skills make up the majority of this bands style.  This band also manages to have a “premajor” era indicating success and staying power of some type.  However, one of the guitarists has so much metal in his face he is a safety hazard in local airports, retail stores and is probably turned away at churches for being able to channel Satan.


Paint splatter? Goth attire?  Straight jackets?  Who cares?!  This bands kicks ass and has done so for over adecade.  The band combines many looks from oriental to emo goth and yet has the ability to move on when something gets tired.  I just wouldn’t want to run into them at my local laundry matt.

As this is no where close to being a complete list so please check back because next week they will have three new bands and two who are retiring after only three years and two albums.  Sad fates do happen.

Dir En Grey at Centerstage

Lead Singer Kyo

So here we are again; a little tired, a little broke, but of this we are proud.  If you are judging the contents of the blog by its’ title…than you will not be disappointed.  If you’re not than you are here for curious purposes and that’s alright as well.  Allow me to deconstruct the series of events that lead to one of the most incredible concerts I have ever been to and of course the awesome events of the concert itself.

For myself, I would like to give a little background of my old opinions of this particular band.  I found out about Dir en Grey some years ago in my fresh high school years when they were still visual kei dressing in skirts and make-up.  Awesome says I.  But alas, I had one small problem.  I loved the sound of the band and then…Kyo, the lead singer, would start this horrible grueling grunting that did not really do much to stimulate my taste for the band.  I tried numerous times and just couldn’t do it!  I watched their videos, saw live footage, read articles and still nothing!  Until this trip, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong…why I just couldn’t get to like them enough.  I have the solution to this problem which will be told in a moment.

And so…

…Leola came to me begging to use my computer to purchase tickets since she was too far from home to get to her own.  I told her to include me because even though I was not their most dedicated fan, I was still very curious to see them live.  I have known about them for a very long time and really wanted to see them in person.  In order for you to understand everything, however, now I must tell you Leola’s point of view.

Toshiya (left) and Die (right)

Leola lives and breathes Dir en Grey.  She listens to them almost all the time and sometimes doesn’t mind that whole vomiting on the mic thing Kyo does every so often.  Until two days ago, she was the only full blown Dir en Grey fan in our little band of misfits.  She is the authority and I have no plans of taking the thrown, however, she is now no longer the only Dir en Grey fan in the group.  I will explain.

I will not torture you with the 7 hour drive we had to make to Atlanta…for it was evil and full of massive billboards bossing us about.  We arrived, happily, quite early so we had enough time to pick up our tickets at will call.  Upon arriving in the thick, wind blown southern city we were welcomed by a nice frigid temperature. We made our way to Centerstage…where there stood a small line of about 25 j-rockers waiting since 8 PM the night before to just catch a glimpse of this five member band (Kyo, Toshiya, Kaoru, Shinya, and Die).  Hard core…and stupid, I thought.

Jackie (right) and Leola (left)

We made ourselves even more ravishing than we normally are and headed over early to beat the crowd that we knew was already there.  And there we stood….for an hour and a half…on a cold, windy corner in downtown Atlanta.

I love my friend, I want everyone to know that.

After they finally let us in, we hung out with three great people; Mina, Brian, and Steve who were totally awesome!  The Birthday Massacre was the opening and to put it simply, I don’t think we would see them again live…no, not at all.  Not exactly what we expected so I’ll just move on.

Kaoru (left) and Toshiya (right)

Dir en Grey then finally took the stage.  Their fans were so enthusiastic, they made a mosh pit behind us and bum rushed everyone another 5 feet forward…getting us closer to the stage.  With my trusty new Sony Cybershot HX9V on hand I was able to get some of the most phenomenal pictures and footage I have ever been able to get at a concert!  And Leola…well, she was happy…ethereally, blissfully, mind numbingly happy.  Because we stood out from the other emo, chain sporting, bunny ear wearing groupies we managed to get a couple of looks from the band. The fact that we are so j-rock that we wore stiletto thigh high boots to a three hour concert might have also done it too.

We also could have made a fortune if we had bet people someone would throw a pair of underwear on stage at Kyo…which was absolutely hilarious.  So after the encore as Die was throwing picks at the crowd…I felt one hit me.  “Score!” I thought as I tried to compose myself as to not alarm the many emo groupies described earlier from mauling me into retardation.  I told Leola to look around and by heaven she found it.  It’s going on the wall of rock!  And then Kyo spit on us…some getting into Leola’s mouth which even she has trouble with even as much as she adores him.

Guitarist for Dir en Grey

Guitarist Die

My job was to take pictures and Leola’s was to obtain a state of nirvana…which she did.

But something curious happened.  Remember when I said I found a solution to my problem earlier?  I was watching the band and it just hit.  Something in my mind turned around and slapped my logic in the face and that’s when I thought “I get it!”.  I had to see them live in order to change my mind.  Listening to them, nothing.  Watching and listening to them in person did it.  I can listen to them now and not change every other track after having seen them with my own eyes! I love the concerts that change the way I see things.

FYI – All the pictures from this blog are mine and taken with my camera!  Isn’t my camera awesome!?  If you want to see the rest, like our fan page on facebook located on the side bar!

Nickelback, Seether, Saving Abel

Well everyone…here we are.  Alive and awake.  As most of you might have guessed Leola, myself, and Shannon went to see Nickelback, Seether and Saving Abel concert last night.  We shall say again…it kicked ass!!!  We wish though to go through the evening to express some of the minor adventures we had and how I myself avoided jail time.

To begin, we arrived just under two hours early to make sure I did not have to drive through the nail biting traffic that is the city before a major event.  Luckily no problems there.  So that I did not have to carry anything on me I strapped my camera to my leg under my pants.

I knew this was there through the first hour as we went to the bar outside the theater for a whiskey.  After getting some food, Leola noticed the ticket for our order said “Hottie” as an identification.  We thought this is fabulous so I put it in my memorial frame.

Now comes the unexpected nail biting bit.  As we were going through security, where they normally just check bags, people were separated into two lines: Male and Female.

What was this?  Segregation!  Absurd!  That’s when I got nervous.  They were doing body searches to make sure you weren’t taking anything in like knives, guns, shanks, hand grenades, missile silo…that kinda stuff.  Since I had a digital camera strapped like a utility blade on my shin, yeah, I was sorta nervous.  But I made it through all right.

When we made it to the smokers balcony, just in case someone wanted to waste there $70 ticket for an ambulance ride, we realized they were searching hard core.  We rallied in our luck and toasted our second whiskey to the growing search lines.  Then we made fun of everyone coming in.  Notice – please stop dressing your child like that whoever had the sequined Mu-mu on.  Thank you.

When we sat down, all three of us prayed we would have hot men seated behind or next to us.  We got our wish, but next time we will be more specific.  For these beautiful me were not only gay…but hair dressers as well.  They kept touching Leola’s hair, but in fairness, they each got a bottle of Jack down before they sat down.

And so the concert began.  We are still having trouble hearing, but totally worth it.  When Nickelback finally took the stage, I don’t think we were able to speak anymore.  The very first song was Something in Your Mouth and it was like an ode to the ticket we had received earlier in the evening.  Somewhere in the first finale, however, they had reached technical difficulties.

The pyrotechnics employed for the show had produced an alarming amount of smoke and as such the sound system went off and the lights came on.  In effect, the band came out and gave out some beer and t-shirts to the people around them.  When they were finally able to get their mics to work their response to the alarms were “It’s just too much rock n’ roll for one fucking roof!”

Later, the guitarist came out and did a cover song of Use Somebody by Kings of Leone…of whom we are going to see next month.  He said that Chad (the lead singer) had given away more band stuff than necessary.  Chad, who had left the stage a moment before could be heard backstage saying “We didn’t give away shit!”  It was a fun night.

After the last finale (the drummer had one, the guitarists had one, Chad had one) the show was over…and the fire alarms we sound again!

Finally back at my place, we showered the lovely rocker nast off ourselves and I captured that lovely shot of me falling asleep with a bat towel on my head.  That’s what we get for displaying our sense of humor.

Kings of Leon

Soooo, the KOL’s, aka the Kings of Leone, concert was totally worth it!  In these next few lines, I will narrow down exactly how and what is described by “worth it”.

They were worth:

The sardine parking that my sister had to refrigerate in.  When asked how we were to leave after the concert, the douche man parking us in single file lines in a dirt lot exclaimed that “Oh!  It’s fine!  Once the concert’s over, people will be filing out of here like cockroaches!”  Arching my eye lid I replied “Is that so?  Cockroaches you say?”  More on this towards the end.

They were worth:

The mile walk from the parking lot to the amphitheater along a narrow sidewalk filled with grifters and beer bottles but then painted with the love of the five dollar downtown prostitutes leftover from the bar hop the night before.

They were worth:

The $12 dollar double whiskey Leola and I bought and then whined over because it tasted like some $3 wine cooler bought by Smoky Carlfargus at the liquor store on the outskirts of the city.

They were worth:

The “obstructed view” seats we had on the back section of the amphitheater.  But don’t worry!  I am happy to say that the pole made the party in time for the opening act and had enough endurance to stay standing even though half the drunken crowd was using it as a safety gravity anchor caused by the over-priced alcohol.

They were worth:

The crappy opening band, the Walkmens, whose lead singer showed up 45 minutes late.

They were worth:

The totally kick ass performance was sooo awesome!!  They sounded great!  We did notice that the bassist was so thin that when he turned to the side he disappeared entirely and in certain lights, looked like a drag queen.  Just so you know.  All in all, for this “worth it” thing…the band themselves were on the ball!  They really rock!  But I must continue on.

They were still worth it:

After we left and walked the mile back to the car and had to wait for the rest of the crowd to leave so we could, to put it simply…we did not see the cockroaches.  In this process of waiting in the parking lot, Leola and myself witness such a marvelous chain of events that they are worth noting.

The first was a man in the same situation we were in trying to get out before the car in front of him did.  This man scraped along three cars and therefore performed three hit and runs.  The second was a pair of girls who could not wait to use the restroom soooo they decided to use the Spanish Bayonets for toilets.  Clever, yes?  The last was trying to get Leisa into the car after the person in front of us left.  She was trying to convince someone to call the police after the hit and runs…with which no one was about to do since everyone and your mom were bloody drunk!

Yes, but all tragedies not withstanding…..Fantastic Concert!!

And yes…….they were totally worth it!

Sick Puppies, Society Red, Janus

A great and wondrous day to all.  Now that I have properly recuperated from Sunday night I can now tell you Leola and my own follies that all started on a cold and windy evening about five days ago.

A few weeks ago, Leola was elated to tell me of an upcoming Society Red concert (a band she has been anxious to show me for years now) at the little venue called Freebird.  As an added bonus we also got Janus and Sick Puppies as well. (KICK ASS!!!)  So, we arrived at around 7:30 Sunday night…now the fun begins.

Since this is my first stop at the Freebird I was eager.  The first sounds I heard while entering was a backtrack of a documentary that was being used in the show.  So my first impression was a short education on the word ‘fuck’ and how one can use it in a sentence.  My first thought…intriguing.

Society Red had already started and I only got to hear about three songs, but hey were cool and by the end of their set I knew the lead singers name was Damien.  I knew this for the woman behind me was screaming his name so loud that his future grandchildren will hear it in their dreams and will spend thousands of dollars in therapy for someone to get that voice out of their heads!

Now we come to the second band…Violent Soho.  How I wanted to hurt them…but happily the hurt themselves by head banging on their mics and drum sets.  I didn’t know I could feel bass vibrations in my spine and uterus.  It’s an odd feeling.

Luckily, they left and than Janus came on.  I would like to say that they were a fantastic band with even better taste.  They had a contest for the first person to guess the name of a cover they did and the album and the artist and year then they got an autographed t-shirt.  I knew but I wasn’t the first…the end of the story will come later.

So then it comes time for the headliner…Sick Puppies.  And me and Leola had stage side spots!  The best part was, we got paid twenty bucks a clip if we moved one foot back!  So technically, we got paid to see the concert that night!  And sadly, after Leola had a few drinks the dude next to her was mistaking her ‘polite conversation’ aka drunk commentary for flirting…the end of that story is soon as well.

So the concert was over and it rocked!  Leola’s friend Lisa was working the Merchandise booth for Society Red so we went to chat.  Leola and myself were somewhat iffy in common sense because both of us had some drinks.  Not quite drunk…but drunk enough.  So right next to Lisa is the lead singer of Janus and I was like ‘Hey!  Did anyone guess your song?’  They did but he wanted me to tell him anyway.  I’m not too sure what I said but I was close.  We both bought a CD with the twenty we earned for hawking our spots to the rather enamored couple and had that and a poster autographed by them.  They were frickin’ AWESOME!!

(By the way..the answer was Depeche Mode ‘Walking in my Shoes’ Songs of Faith and Devotion, 1993 second track…bitches!)

So we get outside and made it to the car, when out of the left we hear ‘Allison!’  and I said ‘Shit!’ since that was the name I told the guy rubbing up on Leola earlier.  However, the funny part is I didn’t tell Leola about it so she was rather confused.  After politely (amazingly) turning down the poor bastard I explained the Allison thing to her.

We went home and I slept the four hours before work with drummers hear and a migraine.  Both worth the night!  Now we are preparing for another fun month with Hittles Day on the way and Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace with Flyleaf at the end!

Wish us Jack!  (for those knew to the phrase the rest is Daniels)


Guess what?

WE WENT TO PARAMORE!  And you didn’t. haha

Now that we’re done heckling you, we’ll tell you about how the night went,starting from when we got drunk, which was very early. At Chili’s.

Long story short, we got really drunk, so we didn’t have to pay for liquor at the venue…which we ended up doing anyway…but that’s later.

Ok, so, after 20 minutes of sobering up enough to drive, we called Quaker Joe, you see, it was his birthday. In mid conversation, as we were driving to the venue, our attention span was distracted by naked man-flesh (Thank you Flagler track team)

So, we got to the venue, parked a mile away in a church parking lot (Because God provides) and walked the miserable mile there.

When we got there, we decided we were drunk enough to forego the wristbands…untill some little kid asked us who’s class we were in….though it made us feel young, we still got the wrist bands. Out of principle.  As a direct result of that and New Found Glory, we later got drinks.

Remarkably, we liked the very first opener, Kadawatha. They were good, and even though the front-man did a very convincing imitation of a monkey, he still sounded good. Plus he played guitar, giving us about seven guitarists instead of the usual two.

Then New Found Glory (That’s as much as I care to say about that…oh and you guys are past your prime, so please put on a f**ing shirt)

Tegan and Sara….Mostly for the gay couples. Of which Jacksonville is apparently a hoarder. And an over excited group of Asians that decided to jump in front of our front row seats…never have I wanted to hug a scary looking security guard so much in my life.  And we saw a 7foot tall redhead, that we mistook for a man….for a very long time…until (s)he turned around.

And then, right before Paramore started, we managed to get ourselves on Youtube. By one of their roadies. With a camera, an we were drunk enough to oblige, that and we were the loudest two in that section, it takes years of practice at yelling at concerts to reach the level of pitch and volume that is needed to get the band’s attention. Teenagers just don’t have it. Really drunk twenty-sometings do.

Now here’s the real kicker.  All night long, Jackie had interchangeable neighbors to her right since everyone was trying to get front row and like four groups tried to take the seats away…until Paramore, in which case the real owners of the seats came and were pissed that some freshmen were taking their primo seating.

(the events we are getting to happened in random order and we know this but we are remembering as we go along.

Leola, about halfway through Tegan and Sara realized, with a keen sense of smell, someone was smoking a Clove.  Commodity!  She automatically started hunting about for the source of the intoxicatingly familiar smell and identified a young man several seats down smoking in the front.  She hurled herself down and asked the gentleman for a stick…when upon closer inspection…dude looked like a lady…or the other way around.  Either way, it shocked her for a few seconds before the idea of smoking a Clove overcame her fear of asking for the persons sexual orientation…and that need was quite great.  Unfortunately, Victor/Victoria had bummed theirs off someone else.  Dismayed, she returned…probably more pissed at Obama than anyone.

Oh!  And she got a guitar pick.  That was cool.

The games we came up with at concerts to keep you entertained while the s***y bands play first.

1.  Spot the newbie.  Anyone who is wearing high heels in the nose bleed section…or the ones that try too hard to act punk rock.

2.  Spot the roadie.  And see if your partner in crime can distract him long enough to get his walkie away from him so you can spout orders of obscenity into the device.  Fun times will never end for you…especially in the back of the cop car.

3.  Spot jail-bait. These are the ones in hoochie shorts and tank tops being followed by a wild-eyed man who gives anyone the evil eye if the so much as glance in her direction.  Ahh, daddys.

4.  Are you too J-rock?  We are…we realized.  When a rock concert is sorta lame after 15 minutes…you might be too j-rock.

So, that was basically the end after Paramore.

Next entry will see how Leola fairs…more info to come.