Def Leppard @ Jacksonville Veteran’s Arena

Wow!  I don’t think I can recall a show that hit me more in the feels than this one.  This is my go to band for all the songs that I know and love.  This band proves you don’t necessarily need flames, spinning drum sets, or over the top light effects because when music is as good as theirs you just don’t need it.

So Doll normally gets dragged along to concerts that I want to go to since most of her concerts happen in other towns to groups you can’t understand but are permanently hypnotizing.  She likes Def Leppard like I “like” the Red Hot Chili Peppers but she really dug the show.

So I really don’t need to fully describe this show since everything went so smoothly (for once) so I’ll get down to what I loved about it the most: Rick Allen!  Are you a Def fan?  Then you know about Rick Allen.  He’s kinda the guy that got the band soberish.  For those of you who don’t know, in the mid 80’s Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car accident.  He is the drummer for Def and had to learn to play using synthesizers and foot pedals.  In the 80’s it was almost a sin for a “metal” band to use electric drums and synth instruments.  Rick was one of the few whom no one would make fun of for that.  He is a spectacular drummer and musician and I watched the video of his comeback after the accident.  His band mates called him ‘The Thunder God’ and I couldn’t agree more.  He did a solo drum set and I was floored and more happy than you could know!

My other happy moments came at the beginning of every song.  Joe Elliot still sounds just as good as he did 30 years ago and every performance was done with ease and pride.  With that I have nothing abnormal for you guys to know about, which is weird for any concert Doll and I attend, I will just leave this post saying that even if you didn’t like then much before go see a show!  This was a bucket list concert!

Summer Playlist #3 – E3 Games Tribute

A little late getting there but I’m trying out new hours for sleeping…and then trying unsuccessfully to wake up.

A lot of buzz has been going around about the reveals at the latest E3 convention and I must say I, as a gamer, have not been this excited about games in a long time!  New Fallout, new Uncharted, new Assassins Creed and finally…FINALLY new Kingdom Hearts and a FFVII remake!  And that is just the tip as he would say!  So, in honor of so much amazing and hopefully happy future gameplay I have set up a playlist featuring songs that we all remember from past games in the hopes it brings back memories of your first time…playing games that is.

E3 Games Tribute Playlist

20 Songs You Used To Love…But Now Hate So Much


Thank you over saturated radio play!  You have successfully made me hate popular music!  But you know why it’s so popular? Because you play the same song every 15 minutes, for weeks and months on end until a song I once loved to listen to has to now be taken off my iPod so I don’t live in a perpetual hell of repeat!  Bastards!  But I must admit this list was far too easy for me to compile even by my standards.  Also, it is not long enough! I only got to 20 before my brain started coming out of my ears like common sense from a teenage boy at his first strip club!  With that said, I give you my picks for the top 20 songs you used to love but, thanks to an over saturation on public radio, you now hate so very, very much.  I will admit that a few of these I could totally drunk karaoke to so I can’t give up on them entirely while others…I have my reasons.

Supermassive Black Hole – Muse

I used to love Muse.  I thought they were an awesome band with a great sound…until Twilight.  Remember that one?  This song was, for some reason, put onto the soundtrack of one of the highest grossing soul destroying movies of all time!  Now, when this song plays, I have a teenager squeal about, “This was playing when Edward was playing baseball!” and I’m over here going “What?”

My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion

I still like this song…in moderation. I am so happy this song is nearly 20 years old and doesn’t really play on the radio that much anymore.  When I was in high school it was this song, commercial, 2 other songs then this song again.  I loved that SNL skit that made fun of it…cause I couldn’t like it so I might has well have made fun of it.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nivana

Three words : FUCK THIS SONG!  I have heard this song at least a million times!  I’m not saying it’s bad, not at all.  This is a great Nirvana song…that radio stations play everyday at least a dozen times!  Why?! There is so much more music made everyday to ignore it just to try to get Kurt Cobain to come back to life people!

Free Bird – Lyrnyrd Skynyrd

I’m from Jacksonville, FL…where this band is from.  Pity me all you wish.  I did get to see them in concert and they were spectacular…all 15 minutes they played this song.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

And now we have a song that represents E! Entertainment TV…yay.  This is a recent addition and there are at least three major radio stations that play this every hour plus I get to hear it on TV when I choose to watch it.

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n’ Roses

There are some great songs off this bands debut album…and we get to hear this one everyday.  I love GnR but heaven help me if I can’t get Slayer on the radio!

Tainted Love – Soft Cell

If it’s not this version it’s Marilyn Manson’s and I would love for it to stop!

The Freshman – The Verve Pipe

I didn’t even like this song when it came out!  Please, just please, stop playing this retched song!

Rain – Blind Melon

This one ranks up there with Nirvana since both front men are gone and the fans won’t let them leave.  I always found this song a bit annoying at times and all I see is a dancing bumblebee and that’s damn close to clowns!

Hotel California – The Eagles

This is just one song by this band I choose to include. Now, this is one of those that I could tolerate since I always visualize a horror movie when I hear it but it is still way overplayed!

Love Shack – B-52’s

Enough…just enough.

Come Together – The Beatles

Sooooo, I’m not a huge Beatles fan.  There I said it!  But I do know that they had a lot of hit singles so why on Anne Rice’s burning crucifix is this the only one they play!?

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

I get that this is a one hit wonder but for the love of Winter Soldier why do we always have to have a vocabulary lesson when we hear it.  Yes, I do know what “moot” means you uncouth ass!

Livin on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

This is one I can still jam out to but I would prefer another song off the “Slippery When Wet” album..mainly Raise Your Hands!

Bohemian Rhaspsody – Queen

I’m saying nothing bad about them…just that DJ’s play this song too much.  Love you Freddie!

Good Riddance (Time of your Life) – Greenday

Like The Freshman, this song is horrible to me.  I immediately change the station when I hear it and I have no regrets of doing so.

American Pie – Don Cochran

(By the way: totally jamming out to that Bon Jovi mentioned above) So this is a one hit wonder that was also a “historical” song.  Sadly, no matter how many time you play it on the radio today, it’s not going to get the younger generation to understand it with repeated saturation.

Jack and Diane – John Mellencamp

I think this song has been playing steadily on the radio for the last 30 years or so.  He’s released a lot more albums DJ’s…please listen to those too.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

And so good had to put two on this list!  I live in the south, if they don’t play this song I think many people get offended…not me, but people.

Drops of Jupiter – Train

Anything by this band can stop playing right about now please.  No more pain…no more.

Summer Playlist #2 – Songs for Running from a T-Rex

Have you seen Jurassic World yet?  Well you should cause it’s amazing and fun and awesome with dinosaurs (obviously) and cool motorcycle hunts and just a great time!!  In honor of this hugely nostalgic piece of historical celluloid I have compiled a list of music you wish you could listen to whilst running away from a vicious T-Rex or new hybrid “never has the idea ever been so insane yet so cool” dinosaur!

I am attempting something a little different so tell me what you guys think!  I’m going to be trying out some music and video sites to see what works best so if you have any suggestions about it let me know!  Just click below on the T-rex to be magically swept across the internet to listen!

Click HERE to listen to the Playlist on SoundCloud!

“FACTOR” & “RESULT” by Angelo (2 EP spot + details)

I don’t know if many of you follow this band but I’m so stoked to see some new stuff coming soon!!

visual ioner

AngeloAngelo will release two new EP’s titled “FACTOR” and “RESULT” later this year.

Release date: Sept 2015
* 6 Tracks

Release date: Dec 2015
Angelo* 6 Tracks

Stay tuned for more information!

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Formed: 2006

Vocal: Kirito (キリト)Guitar: Giru (ギル)Guitar: KaryuBass: KOHTADrums: TAKEO
Vocal: Kirito
Guitar: Giru
Guitar: KaryuBass: KOHTADrums: TAKEO

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template table_bloodtypetemplate table_birthday
Kirito: AKirito: Feb 24
Giru: AGiru: Aug 21st
Karyu: OKaryu: Dec 7th
TAKEO: ATAKEO: July 11th

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10 Bizarre Music Videos

As many people know the visual aspect of music is certainly important to the expansion and popularity of music.  It gives the audience something to look at…to be entertained by.  Sometimes artists take a drug induced chance of visualizig their cocaine fueled song writing on outrageous videos.  A great deal of the time this works because most fans don’t care whether their favorite band is wearing triangle cardboard tuxedos or making their one-eyed friends a sock puppet on stage…they just love them!

But…then we have the ones that just go a little too out there.  Whether they put disturbing content in to put you on edge or they throw in a few really uncomfortable images to remind you that not everything is rainbows and leprechaun spit, these are just a small few music videos that I felt did the aforementioned creep tingle or just made me laugh…and then had me questioning why I did.

Ready Steady Go – Paul Oakenfold

This video with the “organic” pulsations…and faces.

Siskin River – Up

I actually really liked the video but there was something off-putting about it.

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel

The original WTF video.

Self Control – Laura Branigan

R.I.P. Laura…you had an imagination!

Land of Confusion – Genesis

The song is amazing but…puppets!?

Elektronik Supersonik – Zlad

This video that made me laugh for an hour!

Chick Chick – Wang Rong Rollin

Another laughable one that I felt killed a few braincells.

Rubber Johnny – Aphex Twins

A whole video of NOPE!

True Faith – New Order

Love this band and song but what was up with the clowny suits?

Gay Bar – Electric Six

Gaybraham Lincoln as someone of the internet called it!

Summer Playlist #1 – Summer Titles

Summer #1I still have this feeling that summer started a while ago!  I means…it has been hot as balls in Florida since April!  So summer has a different meaning to many of you but even so, I still wish to join that enthusiastic crowd who look so happy and energized on the way to the beach but then look soiled and miserable while leaving.  I want to be that ass who cruises down the street with my windows down blaring retched obnoxious corporate radio whilst wearing a gold bikini with a poodle stitched on the bum!

But I have decided to be far superior to this!  Indeed, this will be the beginning of a summer long series of playlists in which the theme is randomly drawn from an imaginary hat of dreams them that theme is cultivated into a playlist for all!

This particular list consists of songs with “summer” somewhere in the title.  The list was long to go through but I totally dig these so I hope you enjoy!

Summer Holiday – Chris Isaak

Cruel Summer – Bananarama (and if you’re fancy strikes, the Ace of Base version as well)

School’s Out (for Summer) – Alice Cooper

Boys of Summer – Don Henley (the Ataris also made a pretty decent cover)

Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

Summer Nights – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Summertime Sadness – Lana del Ray (the slow and techno versions)

Summertime – Billie Holiday

Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle

Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochran